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Team GB Kit For Tokyo Olympics 2021 Released By Adidas

Thursday, 6th May, 2021

The Olympics is right around the corner, postponed from last year of course. Today Adidas have released the Team GB kit which the athletes will be wearing this year in Tokyo.

I’ve picked out my favourite pieces, and here they are.

First up I have to mention the design. All of this years kits have been designed in-house by Adidas. Last time round they were designed by Stella McCartney, but Adidas have turned to their own design studio for Tokyo 2021.

Head of graphics at Adidas Camila Codino said,

“We’ve created a variety of graphics based on interpretations of the Union Flag and the national flowers of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.”

With that said, here’s some of the pieces which have caught my eye.

Team GB Zip Up Track Jacket Top

This is the track jacket. It’s an all white colour, which I really like. It gives off that clean vibe.

It comes with all of the detailing on the front in a dark navy blue colour. That includes the Great Britain wording in a vertical orientation, British flag, and Olympic rings and British lion to the chest. The sleeve and stand up collar have a British flag incorporated into it too.

This costs £45.

Team GB Training T Shirt

Just like the track top, the training T Shirt features the same minimalist design. Once again there’s the detailing on the front in a single colour, white, which looks great on the backdrop of the dark blue T Shirt.

This simple tee comes in at £38.

Team GB Flower T Shirt

I really like the design of this T Shirt, which uses white as it’s base, with dark blue and red printed design throughout.

It’s a flower design, with Japanese Kanji print within the design.

You can get in on the Olympic action in this which is only £18.

Team GB Lion Hoodie

The Team GB Lion Hoodie combines the clean minimalist look with a red and blue lion print pattern to give off this striking look. It’s a zip up hoodie with kangaroo pouch, and features the Team GB lion logo in full colour, along with the Olympic rings.

To the reverse there’s the Great Britain wording printed horizontally across the back.

TEAM GB Heat.RDY T Shirt

The Team GB Heat.RDY T Shirt is a design which you’ll not mistake. There’s red, white and shades of blue inspired by the Union Jack flag. It uses moisture absorbing technology, and comes with the British flag on the sleeve.

This costs £43.

Team GB Football Shirt

You’ll be able to watch Team GB football in the Olympics once again, but only the ladies team. They have come up with this design for the girls to wear, which is a design based on the British flag.

It comes in a mostly white design with blue trim on the sleeves and blue collar.

This costs £43.

Those are my top picks from the Adidas Team GB Collection which the athletes will be wearing this year in the Tokyo Olympics.

There’s plenty other clothing in the collection, including more tops and shorts. You can buy these and see the rest of the collection at Adidas here.

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