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Reebok The Pump Is Back For 2021! The Return Of 90’s Style

Monday, 10th May, 2021

Some exciting news emerged from Reebok if you’re a fan of 90’s trainers or culture. One of the most favoured trainers of the 90’s, Reebok’s The Pump is making a comeback in 2021, and you only have to wait a few weeks until it drops!

The OG Reebok Pump was released back in 1989, but it made it’s claim to fame 30 years ago, in 1991 when it was worn at the All Star Dunk basketball contest in the USA. From then on in, it became a favourite, and earned itself as a cult classic in the trainer game.

Reebok have announced that it’s making a comeback, the Reebok Pump Omni Zone II will be released on 21st May, and they look great.

If you missed these the first time round and don’t know what the fuss is all about, here’s what made them special back in the day.

They have a pump on the tongue which really worked. You could pump up the tongue and feel the tightening of the trainer when you were wearing it. This gave you a much better fit of the trainer, and you could customise how much you pumped it up, having it looser or tighter, whatever you wanted.

It’s now back in this original colourway, which is mostly white, with neon orange and black detailing. The pump is obviously present, and in the orange colour of the basketball just like the original.

If you missed these the first time round in the 90’s, you’ve got another chance for the 30th anniversary. If you’re looking for some 90’s trends, these trainers are right up there as a pair you have to consider.

These will be available in the USA for $140, but no news on a UK release yet.

You can check out all the latest trainer releases for the month and this year, and this is one of the most iconic so far for 2021.

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