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Thursday, 16th February, 2017

Take Me Out Valentines Celebrity Special 2017

Take Me Out Celebrity Special February 2017

Fresh off the back of the 2016 Christmas Take Me Out and just a few days after Valentines Day, Take Me Out is back on the telly for another celebrity special. The Christmas Special featured Thom Evans, Roman Kemp and Ritchie Neville, with this show featuring Arg from TOWIE, DJ Melvin Odoom and Olympic medallist Nile Wilson. Paddy will be joined once again be the flirty thirty, with girls from the past shows. I’m looking forward to see who’s making a return.

Set a reminder that Take Me Out is on this Sunday 19th February at 7PM, rather than the usual Saturday night.

Check out some sneak peek pictures below…

Melvin On Take Me Out

Arg from TOWIE on Take Me Out

Nile Wilson On Take Me Out 2017

Melvin Gets his head stroked

Melvin The Motivator

Melvin And Paddy

All images courtesy ITV/Take Me Out - Copyright ITV/Take Me Out 2017

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