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Me My Suit And Tie Style Box

Monday, 23rd November, 2015


If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that for the past few months I have been talking about adding small details to a look, in particular pocket squares.

A simple pocket square can add a little bit of colour to an otherwise plain looking jacket, it adds a touch of class and will not go unnoticed. I really do like these fine details, and it doesn’t have to stop there, with other additions such as bracelets, lapel pins, ties and even tie bars can add small touches to finish off any outfit.

When the guys over at Me My Suit And Tie got in touch about their style boxes, I had to find out more. Check out their kickstarter here, and read more about them below.

Who Are Me My Suit And Tie

Me My Suit And Tie are Paul, Sebastian, Ben and Jamie. They set up Me My Suit And Tie at the end of 2014, and have a simple message, dressing the world one box at a time with exquisite style and at an affordable price.

They have a passion for what they do, and love suits, so after being asked about where they get their accessories, they decided to start designing their own, and Me My Suit And Tie was born.

One of the drawbacks of accessories is not knowing what will work well with other pieces, not to mention having to buy them all separately and making sure you can get each piece which you want.

The style box contains carefully selected pieces which are designed to compliment each other, and include socks, a pocket square, a tie, a tie bar, a lapel pin and a bracelet.

This takes all the stress out of getting each individual piece, leaving you to decide which of the accessories you want to incorporate into your look, whether it’s all of them or just a few of the pieces.

The Style Boxes

The guys have put together 7 style boxes which are available right now, with a further two in the pipeline if the stretch goal is met. Each box has a particular style and theme to it, all with their own individual charm and will add some sophistication to your outfit. Here’s what’s on offer.


The Casino Royal

  • Silk navy tie with red wine floral dot detail
  • Silk red wine and navy pocket square
  • Navy velour flower lapel pin
  • Gold arrow tie bar
  • Blue and red beaded bracelet with a gold lion’s head
  • Cotton rich breathable navy socks with red polka dots

The Floyd

  • Silk baby blue tie with pink polka dot detailing
  • Silk baby blue and pink pocket square
  • Pink textile flower lapel pin
  • Brushed silver tie bar
  • White beaded bracelet with silver tiger head
  • Cotton rich breathable pink socks


The Gatsby

  • Knitted baby pink pointed tie
  • Linen white pocket square with pink trim
  • Navy blue flower lapel pin
  • Silver moustache tie bar
  • Cream and navy bracelet with silver lion head
  • Cotton rich breathable navy and baby pink socks

The Heart Of The Sea

  • Knitted red wine pointed tie with white polka dot detailing
  • Linen white pocket square with red wine trim
  • Red velour flower lapel pin
  • Gold anchor tie bar
  • Red beaded bracelet with a gold skull
  • Cotton rich breathable red wine socks


The Hound

  • Grey houndstooth tweed wool tie
  • Silk black and white pocket square
  • Black glasses lapel pin
  • Polished silver tie bar
  • Grey and black beaded bracelet with silver owl’s head
  • Cotton rich breathable socks in print

The Huntsman

  • Brown tweed wool tie
  • White linen pocket square with brown trim
  • Feather lapel pin
  • Gold arrow tie bar
  • Brown beaded bracelet with a gold owl’s head
  • Cotton rich breathable socks in brown


The Kingsman

  • Navy knitted tie with white polka dot detail
  • White linen pocket square with navy blue trim
  • Blue velour flower lapel pin
  • Brushed silver tie bar
  • Blue beaded bracelet with a silver skull
  • Cotton rich breathable navy socks.


The Lotus

  • Knitted racing green pointed tie
  • Green silk pocket square
  • Cream textile flower lapel pin
  • Rose gold fleur de Lis tie bar
  • Green beaded bracelet with rose gold lion head
  • Cotton rich breathable socks in racing green

The Sparrow

  • Black tweed wool pointed tie
  • Silk black pocket square with grey skull detailing
  • Black pearl lapel pin
  • Black and silver tie bar
  • Black beaded bracelet with silver skull
  • Cotton rich breathable black and grey socks

As you can see, all the boxes look really well thought out and put together, and it is actually hard to pick a favourite from them all.

This is not a problem, because Me My Suit And Tie have a subscription option, so you can have a brand new box delivered to you each month, for either 3, 6 or 12 months and save even more money.

If you want to make a one-off purchase to add some style to your look, a box comes in at £30, which is a great price if you consider a tie and pocket square can come in at £20-£30 from a high street brand.

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Get Your Box

You can get involved on Kickstarter, and secure yourself a style box, for only £30. There’s a limited number of boxes available to be received in time for Christmas, with others available from early next year.

If you like one or two of the pieces and would prefer to buy them individually, you can back this Kickstarter from only £5, which will get you a lapel pin, with £10 securing you a bracelet or pocket square and £15 for a stylish tie.

If you’re like me and you can’t pick out only one box, you can get two for £60, a 3 month subscription for £85, a 6 month subscription for £165 and a 12 month subscription for £320.

Make sure you know the difference between a suit jacket, blazer and sports coat, all of which can be utilized with these sets.

You can support Me My Suit And Tie on Kickstarter here



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