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Popolo Closes – Is It To Reopen On Quayside?

Newcastle Nightlife
Friday, 21st March, 2014


It was a shock yesterday when I heard about one of my favourite bars, in fact the 2nd best bar in Newcastle according to the latest index, Popolo announced it was closing down. Not only a shock to everyone who loves it, apparently the staff did not know a thing either. I love that end of the town, it’s a pretty cool place to go and chill, nice bars away from The Diamond Strip, and had a good number of people which is why it was surprising to many to hear about it’s closing.

Today it emerged that all may not be lost, and Popolo may be opening it’s doors again, but in a new location…The Quayside. The word is that they are moving there to a much bigger place, in fact 3x bigger across 2 floors. Where will this be? So far there is no word. I was down the quayside a few weeks ago and it’s a ghost town in comparison to the past; Offshore, Chase and Jimmyz all closed, and places such as Pravda, Blue/Julies 2 and Casa gone a long time ago.

If the size and fact it’s supposedly on 2 levels are anything to go by, Jimmyz could be the place as it was quite a size, Chase also has a basement and split level too, both of these venues have been on the market recently following their closure. Either way will they get back the atmosphere it created on Pilgrim Street? A firm favourite among 21-35 year olds, the award winning cocktail bar attracted the trendy-cool but down to earth crowd, with a laid back vibe.

So that’s another bar in Newcastle shutting it’s doors, at least for now.


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