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Newcastle United And Adidas Are Back (Confirmed)

Friday, 25th August, 2023

Wearing My Newcastle Adidas Away Shirt From 1996-97 Season

Photo from 2020 – Wearing the Newcastle Away Shirt 96-97 Season By Adidas

A secret was let out a little earlier than it was apparently supposed to be…That is Adidas and Newcastle are back together again.

From the Newcastle United Amazon Documentary, episodes were mistakenly put online before they were supposed to, the secret came out which led to Adidas social media releasing a not so cryptic tweet on their social media.

From the time in the Premier League Newcastle have had their kit suppliers as Asics, Adidas, Puma, Castore and according to Adidas’s twitter message, something to be officially announced on 1st September 2023.

Some media are already predicting that this will be a deal worth 9 figures, but of course that is just speculation at this point.

The Manchester United x Adidas deal is huge, £900m over 10 years (£90m/Year), and while the Newcastle deal is unlikely to be that size, it’s certainly going to be a lot bigger than the current deal (media reports this to be £6.5m/year).

As for the shirts and designs themselves, it will be interesting.

The favourites from myself and my generation of fans has to be the 95-97 era of football shirts.

The goalkeeper shirts were epic, absolutely stunning and always well remembered. But the home and away shirts were special too.

The blue shirt I have pictured above was from the 1996-97 season, and I loved it.

But perhaps the most loved has to be the home shirt worn in both the 95-96 and 96-97 season, along with the away shirt from 95-96.

The home black and white shirt with the grandad collar was well loved, and I still have mine. I also have the reproduction of this shirt, while not as good is still good to wear.

The away being maroon and blue horizontal stripes. It wasn’t well received at first, but once it was, it sold like hotcakes.

I have both the original home and away from both of these seasons, which were good seasons for the club.

But were the shirts so well loved just because the team was successful? It’s hard to say now, but they were the most memorable and liked shirts of the Premier League era.

There is some thought that Adidas are some kind of saviour…But we have had some really terrible kits from them too.

The yellow and white striped shirt has to be the worst Newcastle kit in the history of the club, at least in the Premier League era.

It wasn’t well received at all, and it’s not like anyone is hoping for it to make a comeback.

If it’s like the other big clubs that it has on it’s book, we’ll see a huge amount of Newcastle clothing to come along with the match kits.

This isn’t necessarily a good thing. These days kits are expensive, and when you add in 3rd shirts, goalkeeper shirts, match and training tops, tracksuits and jackets it all mounts up. Then to add in some vintage throwback shirts and you’re talking a lot of money.

But it is exciting to think that some retro classic styles could be making a comeback at some point in an official Adidas capacity.

So what do you think, Adidas and Newcastle reunited a good or bad thing?

I’m looking forward to what is on offer, but we’ll have to wait until the end of the season to even get an official hint.

Not to worry, because there’ll be plenty of rumours, mock ups and leaks like their usually is with new football kits.

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