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Newcastle 2023-24 Home And Away Shirts Released

Saturday, 1st July, 2023


Yesterday saw the release of the anticipated Newcastle United away shirt for the 2023-24 season, with the home shirt being released a couple of weeks ago.

The home shirt was met with mostly positive views, and the away one has had some mixed ones.

Here’s a look at both shirts which are made by Castore in some detail.

Newcastle United Home Shirt 2023-24


The Newcastle home shirt looks fantastic, it has to be said it’s one of the best looking home shirts for a while.

Black and white stripes as per tradition, but this season there’s a nice number of stripes, 7, meaning that they’re not too large and not too small either.

The neckline is V-neck and features a contrasting stripe design, similar to what’s been used in older shirts from the 1980’s. The sleeves also follow suit, with banding colours on the cuffs too.

The new sponsor to the front, Sela, is done in black and white, and really tones in with the rest of the shirt better than the previous array of sponsors in the past.

In terms of shorts and socks, there are both black and white available. The official first choice of shorts is black, with an alternate white pair being available. For socks white are standard, with black being an alternate.

Newcastle United Away Shirt 2023-24

The away shirt is green, or as Castore seem to be calling this, golf green. There is a tonal pattern on the front which I actually think looks really nice. A plain green shirt would look boring, but this geometric style pattern in a tonal style really sets off the shirt well.

It’s also toned with black, with a tonal black Newcastle United Crest, black sponsor and black and white banded cuffs on the sleeves.

Whereas the home has a v-neck, the away shirt opts for a round neck collar.

When it comes to shorts there are two pair available. The official 1st choice will be white shirts, with an alternate green pair being available too. I think the kit would look great with the matching shorts, but the first choice is white.

There is of course the inevitable Saudi links with using a green shirt. But fans know that this is of course not the first time Newcastle have worn green as a change shirt.

The 3rd shirt back in the 94-95 season was green with thin blue stripes, a shirt that wasn’t used much, but was still donned by fans and liked so much that replica versions are still being produced.

The away shirt back in 2019-20 was also a very dark green, green stripes in 2005-06 and green and blue being used in 2014-15. Green and yellow colours were being used extensively in the late 80’s early 90’s away shirts too.

Newcastle 2023-24 Shirts Embroidered Badges Controversy

It has been noticed by many that the badges on the replica home and away shirts are embroidered. This is not an easy task for creating small graphics, as many have noted that the Newcastle crest can appear to look like it states Untted rather than United.

But I have noticed that on the social media and sales pages that there is also a printed badge version which exists for both the home and away shirts. No doubt this will be the authentic ‘players’ version which will use heat seal technology for the badge, as well as some other extras you get with a players version of a football shirt.

At the moment this version is not on sale (as of 1st July 2023).

Is this the authentic players version with a heat seal badge?

Newcastle United Away Goalkeeper Shirt 2023-24

Newcastle have released a goalkeeper shirt too, interestingly it’s the away goalkeeper shirt with no news on the home version.

The away goalkeeper shirt is bright blue, and comes with geometric line patterns in black on the sleeves. The rest of the branding to the front is all black, including the Newcastle crest, Castore badge and Sela sponsor logo.


Overall I really like all 3 of these shirts, and look forward to seeing any more, including the other goalkeeper shirt as well as possibly a 3rd kit which is now pretty much a standard.

When I heard the away shirt was green I was thinking it could be ugly, with plenty of horrible tones of green being available. But with this mid to dark green along with the tonal pattern and all black detailing, I think it looks quite good.

All these shirts are available right now, priced at £70 each.

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