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Men’s Gadgets For Christmas 2012

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Monday, 26th November, 2012


I have blogged about gadgets a fair bit, and most of these have featured on my blog at one time or another, but here there are in a boys toys style guide. Christmas is right around the corner, so here are a couple of men’s gadgets for you to consider getting yourself as a treat for this Christmas.

Nintendo Wii U

I’ll start with the newest gadget, in fact it doesn’t come out in the UK until this Friday, 30th November. The Wii U is the next generation console from Nintendo. It features a larger style controller, which is almost tablet like, and you use the touchscreen controller with the standard controls to play the game. Since this has not been released yet, it’s hard to say if it will be as big a hit as the original Wii, but it’s sure to be on many Christmas lists this year.

Tablets Galore!

For the past 2 years we have seen so many tablet computers hit the market. This year we have seen a couple of big players come into the mix and try and give Apple a run for it’s money. The Kindle Fire is a 7″ with a colour screen, 2 options for 8GB or 32GB or memory, and prices are £159 and £199 respectively. If you want a different premium-budget offering the other big player in the game is the Nexus 7 from Google. At only £159 or £199 for the 32GB model it should be considered.

If you have a bit more cash to play with and want something different from a piece of fruit, then Microsoft surface could be for you. Currently the one available is Surface with Windows RT, and starts at £399.

If you want to go for Apple, then the iPad 4 is their latest model, and they now have their iPad mini, the 7″ version. I adore my iPad 2, so I do highly recommend them. I have said this for ages and will continue to do so until things change; The Apple App Store is simply the best at the moment, these devices are all about the apps, so I would always choose the iPad.

Pioneer WeGo

If you are a wannabe DJ or just like music, then this is a cool gadget to get. It’s a DJ controller for your computer/laptop. This basically means it’s an external soundcard, which you plug into your computer via USB, and you can use the jog wheels and various effects/buttons on the device to mix tracks with the supplied software. Lots of fun and great for parties. Only £249 to be a party DJ.


I have blogged about these recently, and these two are the most stylish and also produce amazing quality. The B&W A7 is a premium sound dock for your iPod/Apple device, and supports Airplay. Being £699 it is not cheap. The Bang And Olufsen Beolit 12 is the most stylish one I have seen, a little less quality but has a rechargeable battery making it very portable, and costs a little less at £599.


Windows 8 is out, so it’s the perfect time to get a new laptop. I really like the look of ultrabooks, and the new Samsung Series 9 are really great. I still love a “proper PC”, it’s what I have always used and I still prefer them to Macs, but I do like my Macbook. If you do like a Mac, then there are a large range of Macbook Pros and Airs, all come with that Apple premium of course.

Digital Camera

Everyone is a photographer these days. It helps that DSLR cameras are now a lot less expensive. You can pick up an older Canon 1100D for just over £300 which is very reasonable. If you want something for your pocket, then maybe go for a Canon Powershot, S100 or S110 are very powerful pocket cameras but also come at around £300-£400.


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