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FIFA 12 – The Best FIFA Yet?

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Friday, 7th October, 2011

I know there are people who like PES over FIFA, and there is the “PES or FIFA” kind of war and it has been going on ever since ISS was around. I have to say I have almost always been a FIFA man, I did play PES for a bit and do on my 3DS, and I like it, but I also like FIFA, and I like FIFA more than PES, it is just a better game.

So, FIFA 12…It’s really good! FIFA seems to get harder and harder as the years go on, there seems to be more you need to do and think about when you play, and the refinements are really good.

I had my game set up on PRO, and found it really hard. I got beat something like 5-1 off Real Madrid, so I thought I better turn it down a bit to Semi-Pro for a while. So yesterday I had a tough game, then Tweeted “I love FIFA 12 but its hard” and played another game, and this happened…

I was quite impressed with myself :mrgreen:

I usually play teams which are “better”, I am usually Newcastle or CSKA Moscow when I play, but since I support Spain I like to play as them from time to time, but still play against good teams. I guess that was just the game of my life because I don’t usually score so many goals :mrgreen:

The good thing I like about this game are the challenges. They had them on the PSP version of a FIFA game which I love. This time round not only does it mimic real life, it updates on a regular basis. So the first challenge was to win as Dortmund after 60-odd minutes from being 1-0 down; The challenge I did yesterday was to come back and draw 2-2 with only 3 minutes left (3 minutes in real time) and you start with a penalty. I really love doing the challenges, it gives you a reason to play with a team you may not usually, so you play “more” of the game.

I have always liked this style of game, “pick up and play” if you have a spare 20 minutes, it’s a good style of game for a busy person or someone who doesn’t spend their life playing games.

 I loved FIFA 11 and thought it was great, I think this is even better. It is so fluid and it is getting more realistic all the time.

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