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Mango MAN Summer Chinos In Light Blue

Wednesday, 22nd August, 2018

Brand new Mango MAN Chinos in light blue

The Summer is almost over, but when I saw these light blue chinos from Mango Man, I couldn’t resist so I had to get them!

You might remember that last week I got some navy and black chinos, I also saw these but decided not to get them immediately as I may not have liked the style. But I did, and so I ended up getting this pair in light blue, which makes it 3 pairs of chinos from Mango Man!

What’s so good about them?

First of all the fit. When it comes to dressing well the fit is key, you’ll have heard me bang on about it all the time, but it’s true. My favourite fit of clothing is slim fit, and this can be kind of hard to find when it comes to chinos.

The second thing is the pockets, which I’ve already mentioned on the other chinos. They are a 5-pocket kind, which is not too common. Chinos are casual trousers, and so you usually get trouser pockets, which are slanted, at an angle.

I much prefer this “jean style” of pocket, and because I always keep stuff in my pockets, the practicality side is important.

The third thing which is the most obvious is the colour, I love the colour! for all of the black and dark blue options I have, it’s good to have a change. I’ve got a couple of pairs of white jeans and some other colours too, but nothing in this light blue.

It is a summer colour, and it is the end of summer so I may not get the use out of them, but light blue isn’t going to go out of style, and they will work fine next spring and summer.

I am looking forward to styling these chinos with some other pieces, I will post up an outfit post featuring these soon.

Close up of the Mango Man Chinos

Let me know what you think of the colour.

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