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Making Bread In Lockdown With Bread Mix: It’s Easy & Tastes Great!

Monday, 15th February, 2021

Making Bread With Bread Mix - Crusty White Bread Mix From Tesco

Making bread in lockdown…It’s something which almost everyone has done, including me!

This post is a long time coming. In fact if you follow me on Instagram you’ll have already seen my bread making adventures.

Back in March 2020 I bought some bread mix just before the lockdown because I thought I may have needed it. Turns out I didn’t, but I was glad I bought some anyway.

In the summer I decided that I would give it a shot and try making some bread.

How hard can it be?

It turns out it’s pretty simple and straight forward. Not only that, it tastes amazing which I will get on to later.

Social media and TV was full of bread making people. I guess we all had the same idea. If you didn’t bake any bread, you must be the odd one out was the general feeling.

The most popular was probably banana bread, or some other weird or flavoured bread. But that sounds horrible to me.

I went for good old fashioned proper white bread. Strange for me, considering when it comes to sliced loafs, I’ve pretty much only ate brown/wholemeal bread for over 10 years.

I got some Tesco crusty white Farmhouse bread mix. I did buy some flour too, but in those times everyone was trying to stock pile, so I didn’t get the chance to get any.

Kneading The Dough Together

How To Make Bread From Bread Mix ๐Ÿž

To bake bread with bread mix, all you need is:

  • The bread mix
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Loaf tin or baking try to bake
  • Around 10 minutes to make. 20 Minutes bake time and around 30 minutes of resting time.

It says just add water, and it really is that simple. All you do is add water.

I made mine by hand, which means no machines to knead the dough. No bread makers to put it in. It was a wooden spoon and keeping an eye on the clock which was all I had to worry about.

The biggest struggle I had was getting the right amount of water. I only had a small tin loaf, so used half the ingredients.

I measured out the water and poured it in the bowl with the mix, and started mixing it by hand. The dough seemed really dry, so I added a bit more water.

This was obviously too much, because the dough went all soggy!

At least I only used half the mix, so I still had half left. I could have tried to save my first attempt, but I ended up throwing it away.

I tried again, with the same amount of water, and it still seemed dry. I decided to continue, mixed it then kneaded it together.

It seemed OK, but didn’t really look “together”, but I continued. I then let it rest for a while, and created some loaf kind of shape. (one little loaf and one bread bun).

After I finished that, I dusted it with a little flour I had, and scored some lines in it. I then let it rest for 30 minutes or so with a cold cloth over it.

Then it was time for the baking. I think I baked it for 20 minutes or so.

Making Bread In Lockdown - Baking Stage

It didn’t look like it rose very much, but it did look like bread. Bread mix has the active ingredient in, so doesn’t need any least or anything to make it rise.

But how did it taste? Here’s how it turned out…

Making Bread In Lockdown - Here's How It Turned Out

It was really nice! ๐Ÿ™Œ It tasted like a really thick and heavy bread. Not too dry but not wet or soggy, it turned out great.

I was happy with my first proper effort in bread making, and have made another loaf since (this time using Wright’s Bread Mix).

Things always taste better when you make them yourself. No doubt I will be making more home made bread again.

If you’re bored at home, I can definitely recommend making bread or other food as a way of passing the time. You’ll get skills, keep busy and feed yourself all at the same time! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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