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Good Burger For Film Night

Sunday, 18th November, 2018

Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?

Imagine my delight when I was scrolling on Amazon looking for a film to watch when I noticed that they had added Good Burger to Amazon Prime! As soon as I saw it was on, I had to make sure to watch it for film night.

If you’re from the Nickeloden generation which I am, then you’ll probably know all about the film, and have seen it. It stars Kenan and Kel, and it’s just like their show, which was a silly kind of teenage comedy kind of film.

I watched it so many times as a teen, but how would it stack up now, years later, as an adult?

It’s still as funny as ever! I have no idea what people today would make of the film who didn’t grow up back then or just never watched it, but I enjoyed it a lot once again, and it took me back to the good old days.

The film is about Ed (Kel) and Dexter (Kenan), with Ed being a dumb but lovable employee at a fast food restaurant called Good Burger. Dexter is a cool guy at school, and plans on spending his summer holidays doing nothing and relaxing all summer long. That changes when he’s driving his mother’s car home from school, almost hits someone skating past on roller blades (which happens to be Ed) and crashes into his teachers car.

Since he doesn’t want his teacher to call the police or his mother, he then decides to pay for the damage, and plans to get a Summer job. He goes into Good Burger, and gets a job with the help of Ed (who he doesn’t recognise), as a delivery driver. He then recognises who Ed is, and then instantly dislikes him, blaming him for the car crash.

There’s a rival burger chain opening across the street, called Mondo Burger, which is aiming to put Good Burger out of business.

Dexter then realises that Ed has some home made sauce he puts on his own food, and when he discovers how good it is, gets the manager to put it on all the Good Burger food to save the business. Since he thinks Ed is stupid and also still blames him for the crash, he tries to take advantage of him, and plans on taking most of the profit he gets from the sauce.

They discover that Mondo Burger are using illegal food additives to make their burgers bigger, so go to investigate, and when they get caught they are thrown into an insane asylum by Kurt, who runs Mondo Burger. Kurt then tells Dexter & Ed that they were planning on putting shark poison into the sauce that’s been so successful for Good Burger, which would make their customers sick and put them out of business.

Dexter and Ed then have to try to escape the insane asylum, and stop that from happening, as well as stopping Mondo Burger from using their illegal food additives.

There is a lot more to the film, but that is the main part of the story line.

The film is so good if you looking for something light and easy to watch. It’s just a silly comedy film from the 90’s, not something to take seriously, and is just a laugh.

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