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House Bunny For Film Night

Sunday, 11th November, 2018

For Film Night I was browsing around Amazon Prime as I usually do, and came across House Bunny, which kind of seemed familiar. It was a film from back in 2008, and I thought that I’d seen trailers of this a while ago, and thought it could have been good. I wanted to watch something light and funny, so I decided to see what it was all about, and gave it a watch.

The story is about a girl called Shelley (Anna Faris) who lives in the Playboy mansion, and dreams of however finds out she has to leave after her 27th birthday. She’s now homeless, and stumbles upon a sorority house (Pi Iota Mu) which is upper class, who reject her. She then finds another sorority house, the Zetas, filled with misfits. She tries to join as the house mother, but they are reluctant.

The Zetas are going to be evicted from the house if they don’t get at least 30 pledges to their sorority,  and when they see that Shelley can attract boys, they agree to let her in, and she promises to get them their pledges.

Shelley then finds a guy she likes called Oliver, who is an intellectual, and goes out with him on dates, trying the ‘tricks’ which have worked for her in the past to get guys to like her. She fails, but keeps trying, and tries to become intellectual like Oliver.

She also tries to make the Zetas more appealing, giving them makeovers and giving them tips on how to get guys which she’s learnt over the years. They throw a huge party, and try to get people to join the sorority, then start to believe their own hype. When they realise what they’ve become, they then blame Shelley.

Pi Iota Mu want rid of the Zetas, and hijack the invitations which Zeta sent out to it’s pledges, which almost derails the chances of the Zetas keeping their house. At the same time Shelley finds out she was mistakenly kicked out the Playboy mansion, a rival girl had sent a fake letter, but Hugh Heffner wants her to return to be the November Centrefold.

Since the Zetas no longer like her, she returns to the Playboy mansion, and attends the photo shoot, but then decides to go back to the Zetas. She gets together with Oliver and tells him she just wanted to impress him.

Overall I think that the film was decent, but not the best I have seen. It was light and watchable, with a few funny moments, so if you want to watch something lighthearted, this would work.

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