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Film Night: Premature (The Movie)

Sunday, 4th March, 2018

I was having a browse around on Amazon Prime for something to watch and I came across this film called Premature. I had a look at the trailer and it seemed like it could be a good film, a teen high school comedy type kind of film which is something I usually like.

It centres around one high school boy called Rob who’s a bit awkward and smart, and has an interview with someone from Georgetown, the same university that his parents went to. It all starts in his bedroom, where he wakes up from a wet dream, and his mother see’s him. He then meets up with his friend, Stanley, goes to school and meets another one of his friends, Gabrielle, and gets squirted in the crotch with a water pistol full of piss, when has to change into some stupid shorts.

He is supposed to go over to Gabrielle’s house to watch a spelling Bee, but cancels on her to go to the house of a hot girl from his school, Angela. She puts her hands down his pans and he prematurely ejaculates, and he then wakes up in his room, as if he’s had a wet dream, his mother sees him, and the day starts again.

He thinks that he dreamed the whole thing, but then the day goes exactly as it did in his dream, and the same thing happens again, and he then realises that he’s stuck in the same day. He then tries to change parts of the day as he relives it, and every time he has an orgasm the same day starts over and over – The film goes from there.

It was actually a good watch, not a bad film at all. It’s not going to be a classic and up there with the best, but it’s watchable. I thought that the repetition of the same day over and over would get boring, but it tries not to be. It kind of reminds me of Ferris Beullers Day Off mashed up with the Breakfast Club in a weird kind of way, since it’s mostly set at school and they spend a bit of time roaming the halls. If you see this film on Amazon Prime or it comes up, it’s worth a watch.

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