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Film Night: Gold

Sunday, 18th March, 2018

Hey guys!

So I haven’t watched a film for a while, and I decided to watch Gold, which stars Matthew McConaughey. It’s been in my wishlist on Amazon for a while, so I decided to finally give it a watch. I must watch films more often, because for some reason Amazon keep removing films I want to watch, they mustn’t have them for very long which is extremely annoying! Anyway…

It’s a film about gold, more specifically loosely based around a true story which was a scandal about gold mining in Indonesia. Kenny Wells (McConaughey) plays a character who’s family runs a gold prospecting business. His father dies, and 7 years later the business is failing, with Kenny losing the office and almost going broke, working out of his girlfriend’s bar.

He goes to Indonesia where he meets Michael, a geologist, who is also financially struggling, and the pair make an agreement to go into business, with Kenny going back to America to raise the funds. He raises some, goes back to Indonesia but the mine fails to show any gold, the workers leave and Kenny contracts malaria and is bed-ridden for a couple of weeks. When he finally comes around Michael tells him they’ve struck gold, and now have a gold mine.

Kenny goes back to America and sells the dream to everyone, and gets a Wall Street bank involved, where they invest $20 Million into the company, and it eventually goes onto the stock market. He is the toast of the town, and goes to dinners and parties, and is offered $300 Million from another major mining company for the company, but this would remove Kenny’s company name. Kenny refuses to sell to him, and the next day his mine is shut down by Indonesian authorities and president, as they’re friendly with the guy who made the $300M offer.

Kenny and Michael are down but not out, and manage to strike a deal with the son of the president, offering an 85% share of the mine with them retaining 15%, which the son accepts.

The film then goes from there…I don’t want to spoil it!

Overall I thought that the film was pretty good, but not a classic which I’ll be rushing to watch. It was a good watch, but one of those films which I am glad I’ve seen and can recommend, but I couldn’t watch it over and over; Especially since I know how the story ends, which has a bit of a twist.

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