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Everybody Wants Some For Film Night

Wednesday, 15th March, 2017

Everybody Wants Some – What a great film!!

It’s a film I’ve wanted to see for ages, and finally I got it, sat down and watched it, and it was brilliant. The last film I wrote about which I watched Grimsby  which was OK, but not brilliant, so I thought the next one up I’d watch from my new little collection of blu rays would actually be one I’ve just got, Everybody Wants Some.

The film was billed as “the spiritual successor of Dazed And Confused” which is one of my favourite films of all time. They’re both indie type of films, written, directed and produced by Richard Linklater who has done other films I love like Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight and Boyhood. I went into watching this film with an open mind that it wouldn’t be as good as Dazed & Confused as I love that it’s hard to compare, and I wanted to watch it with fresh eyes and not compare it to something else.

The film is done in a similar style of Dazed & Confused, it’s a bit of a comedy-coming of age type of film, and is set in 1980 around a baseball team (don’t worry you don’t need to know about or like baseball). The main character is a freshman who’s just going to college through being good at baseball, and encounters his new teammates, some of which are in the same shoes as him, stars of their high school and now in the big leagues of college. He moves into an off-campus house which is for baseball players, he meets his older housemates who are on the team, and the story goes from there.

There’s lots of college life type of stuff, with the usual story of drinking, games and trying to get girls, and of course there is a love interest thrown in their too. The soundtrack is just brilliant! Everything from some dodgy country music to hip hop, soul and rock, it probably has a much better soundtrack than Dazed & Confused, the music is so relevant and instantly recognisable.

I love this film! I can’t say that it’s better than Dazed & Confused, but it’s such a good film, and I will be watching this one quite a few times.

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