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EA Sports FC First Details & Logo Released After Leaving FIFA Behind

Friday, 7th April, 2023

Yesterday EA Sports released the first details and logo into their newest venture, leaving the FIFA brand behind to bring EA Sports FC.

This isn’t a surprise, as this was announced back in 2021 that FIFA 23 would be the last FIFA game made by EA, after FIFA were asking for $1 Billion for the license, as reported by the New York Times.

What will change? Here’s what we know so far from the announcement.

First of all if you love the FIFA gameplay that’s not going to change. The game in itself will be the same, updated sure, but the same experience. The only real difference is the licencing, which may or may not cause some issues.

The new logo is a representation of the triangle player identifier, which EA Sports showed as their first teaser video. Personally I don’t really like it, but for the game the logo isn’t too important.

EA Sports have already announced that they have partners in the football world. This includes the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and France’s Ligue 1, so you have the biggest 5 leagues in Europe already signed up.

In addition there’s CONMEBOL, the South American federation which could mean anything from Copa America national tournaments to the Copa Libertadores or national leagues being included. On the women’s front the Women’s Super League in England and the WNSL in the USA are also mentioned as partners.

There’s notable licences that haven’t been mentioned, including anything from UEFA or anything from the EFL. These could be announced at a later date, but without these there’d be no EFL (lower league English) teams, and no official European competitions, namely the Champions League or Europa League.

If you like playing international football that could be a problem. The only federation which has been announced so far is CONMEBOL, so if other games are released and sign up the other federations as partners, that could cause issues.

This isn’t the first EA Football game without being under the FIFA banner. There’s been Premier League Stars on the PlayStation, along with a few manager games and a few UEFA Euros games too.

We’ll have to wait and see in the coming days, weeks and months for further developments.

Will there be a FIFA 24?

FIFA will have their licence to sell a football game in the present and future, so there could well be a FIFA 24, it just won’t be made by EA. It could use the same name or something fresh, and it could be made by a new developer, FIFA themselves or the licence could get sold to a competing games studio, e.g. Konami (who made Pro Evolution Soccer).

My Thoughts

I look forward to seeing how this develops, it could be a fresh start and clean breakaway that’s needed for football games. But it will all be in the detail. Having great gameplay is the heart of all games, but for football games especially, I want realism, which means team names, colours and of course players.

I don’t like the name, EA Sports FC sounds like they’re planning more than just a game, maybe with lots of extra (chargeable) things. EA Football or dare I say it, EA “Soccer” are much better sounding names for a football game in my opinion.

It could also mean there’s more football games being made and released. This would be brilliant. I was lucky to be brought up in an era where there were a ton of football games. I had the original FIFA International Soccer, which wasn’t the market leader, Sensible Soccer was the king. (and it’s STILL brilliant!).

We had a ton of football games, but then the FIFA franchise really took over, with the only real challenger being Pro Evo, which has been firmly defeated years ago.

You can read the full release over on the EA site here.

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