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Cheap Monday was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2000, and were originally sold in Weekday store in Stockholm. The brand specialises in high street denim and jeans for men and women, and also sell t-shirts, tops, shirts and other apparel. Find out how I style Cheap Monday, with tips and advice.

Friday, 30th October, 2015

Men’s Style Advice – Fashion Friday No.9

Fashion Friday - Men's Fashion Tips Number 9

Did you miss it last week? Well it’s back! Fashion Friday no.9 is here 🙂 I have been running so many features on the blog lately I thought I would give this one a bit of a break, and it’s always been thought of as a weekly/bi-weekly feature, so I can focus on the best men’s clothing to give the best fashion tips out there.

Nudie Jeans Adrian Parka – £460 – here

New Look Knitted Jumper – £19.99 – here

Happy socks – £8 – here

Cheap Monday Dictionary T-Shirt – £25 – here

Armani 2-Pack T-Shirts – £26 – here

Burton Bomber Jacket – £14 – here

Superdry Leather Jacket – £200 – here

Selected Homme Merino Knit – £55 – here

First up is this amazingly warm Adrian parka from Nudie Jeans. We’ve had miserable weather in the last few days, fog and rain, and it’s a reminder that colder times are here and winter is right around the corner. The parka fits the bill with a detachable faux fur hood, water repellent outer and padded, quilted inner which will keep you toasty.

The knit from New Look is a contrasting white and black style jumper made from a acrylic-mix and is only £20. A great buy if you’re looking to up your knitwear game for the months ahead and are on a budget looking for something more colourful than a plain jumper.

I still love socks, and Happy Socks have been doing some pretty good designs. one of their latest is their black and white paisley design which I think looks really good, and will add something to any outfit.

Layering is definitely an option when it comes to men’s fashion in Autumn or Winter, and there’s plenty of ways to do it with these next few items. The Cheap Monday T-Shirt is a cool printed white top with a dictionary print. It shows the definition of the words Over My Dead Body, which is över min döda kropp in Swedish, the phrase Cheap Monday uses. House Of Fraser have a 2-pack of Armani tees for only £26. I love these fitted style of tees to use as an under shirt which can be essential to wear under a knit if you don’t want to wear a shirt. The finish off the layering there’s a good deal on this Burton bomber, for only £14 you get this zip-up, which you can layer with a shirt and jacket.

Speaking of jackets, leather is always a good choice when you want to look cool without being cold. Superdry have recently came up with this jacket, the Real Hero Biker jacket. If you want to look casual and have an edge while still looking smart, this is the way to go.

Last up is this knit from Selected Homme. It’s a V-neck knit in 100% fine merino wool in light grey, which is a really good colour which will work with almost everything. At only £55 it’s a good price for 100% merino wool from a good brand.

That is the end of this week’s Fashion Friday. As always you can send me tips on Twitter, I am @Michael84Blog, and you can read last week’s Fashion Friday No.8 here.

Friday, 9th October, 2015

Friday Fashion – Men’s Style Edit No.8


It’s the end of the week which means one thing, more men’s fashion advice in the Fashion Friday roundup. We’re getting colder days and longer nights, so keeping warm and layering up is starting to become a priority. Check out this week’s picks:

Converse Baseball Jacket – £120 – here

Cheap Monday T Shirt – £20 – here

Mango Suede Jacket – £120 – here

Barbour Steve McQueen Jacket – £229 – here

Hugo Boss Zip Top – £129 – here

Hugo Boss Knit – £119 – here

Tommy Hilfiger Shirt – £85 – here

Superdry Jumper – £60 – here

First up is this Converse bomber jacket. I love the contrasting body and sleeve colour, and the black works well with the dark grey. It’s light, but there’s enough padding to keep you warm throughout the Autumn.

Just because it’s getting cooler doesn’t mean you can’t add a tee to your wardrobe. This Cheap Monday tee is new and cool, complete with the Cheap Monday wording to the front, layer it with a shirt and jacket for warm Autumn style.

Suede jackets are always big for Autumn, and Mango Man do a few really nice jackets, which are reasonably priced. This one comes in a few colours, I’ve selected it in black. It has two flap pockets on either side of the jacket, with a zip-opening. With quilted panels on the shoulders and a bomber length, it’s a good choice for this season and for years to come.

Barbour wax jackets are iconic, and I love the Steve McQueen jackets. This one is new in at House Of Fraser, and is a timeless classic.

For the milder days and nights this light sweatshirt jacket from Hugo Boss will do the trick. It’s the Zkyler from the BOSS Orange line and is made from soft sweatshirt cotton material, in a light grey colour with mottled effect. It comes complete with kangaroo pouch pockets and is a regular fit.

I love pull-overs when it gets a bit colder, you can smarten up a look with a V-neck knit and a good shirt, so a solid sweater is always a good thing to own. This Hugo Boss sweater fits the bill, it’s available in a large number of colours, I’ve picked the classic black colour. It’s slim fit, and made from fine merino wool, so will feel as good as it looks.

If you want to go for a smart-casual look a patterned shirt will work well, whether you layer it up or wear it with a suede or leather jacket. When it gets colder you can layer it with a sweater or cardigan, dressing it up slightly but keeping a bit of that laid back look. I really like the colours of this Tommy Hilfiger shirt, the ‘Ryan’ regular fit shirt.

Last up is this jumper from Superdry. We all need a cosy, chunky knit, and this one looks to be exactly that. A cable knit jumper, in a classic cream colour, or ‘Porridge’ as the guys over at Superdry are calling it. It’s a crew neck which means you don’t have to worry too much about what you’ve got under it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Fashion Friday 🙂 As always, you can see last week’s here, and don’t forget to send me your tips on Twitter at @Michael84Blog 🙂

Friday, 25th September, 2015

Men’s Style Tips – Friday Fashion Edit No.6


It’s that time of the week again! If you’ve been waiting for some men’s fashion advice ready for a weekend of shopping or just casual browsing, I have a few really nice picks for you. It’s been Autumn for a while, or it’s at least felt like it, but it was officially the Autumn Equinox on Wednesday, so we’re officially into Autumn. Here’s what I have been loving this week.

Farah Shirt – £55

Edwin Classic Sweatshirt £65

Jack Wills Hooded Sweat – £60

TOMS Chukka Boots – £79.99

Cheap Monday Black Jeans – £55

Reiss Suede Jacket – £375

H&M Quilted Suede Jacket – £150

ASOS Gingham Shirt – £20

First up I am going to start with this shirt from Farah. I really like blue for this season, navy or something a little lighter but not too light, it’s a great colour to layer and although it’s a fairly dark colour it will brighten up a black or dark grey jacket. This model is the Brewer slim fit shirt, and comes with contrasting white buttons which I love. A reasonable £55, button down collar and minimal branding.

I have always been fond of Japanese fashion and labels, they are always high quality and sought after. Edwin is a high end label which is highly thought of in the denim world, and have branched out into other areas of clothing, and they’re doing it well. This Edwin classic crew neck sweatshirt is available from The Idle Man, and could be a key piece in your wardrobe, styling it up with a patterned shirt underneath to create a smart-casual look, or keep it relaxed with a plain tee under.

Taken from my Budget Student Fashion For Men Guide I have borrowed this hooded top which comes from Jack Wills. It’s a full-zip up so can double up as a very light jacket on warmer days, just make sure you’re wearing a really nice tee under it.

I came across these Chukka boots from TOMS and really like them. They’re not formal at all, but they are very smart, and a nice break from usual casual kicks from Nike, Adidas, Converse or Vans. They’re black herringbone and look super stylish.

I think black jeans for the winter are really stylish and give your look a minimal feel with a plain black rinse. These Sonic Rinse Black from Cheap Monday look the part, I like the fit which is fashionable slim without being a skinny fit.

A suede jacket is a very desirable fashion item to have for the Autumn season, and this is one of the best I have seen. If you have a big budget of almost £400 it’s a complete no brainer, this Reiss Salamanda suede jacket in stone colour is a must have buy. It will last a good few years as long as you take care of it, and I can’t see this style or neutral colour going out of fashion any time soon.

Another suede jacket is this one from H&M. It’s a diamond quilted jacket, from their premium range. Bomber length and fully lined, it’s a bargain at only £150 and will add Autumnal style to your wardrobe.

And to end this weeks Fashion Friday we come back down to high street pricing with a £20 shirt from ASOS. The blue and white gingham pattern is stylish, and you’ll be able to wear this with a cardigan or knit and show just a little bit of that pattern to create a really smart look with a bit of edge.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Fashion Friday. As usual you can send me tips on Twitter here, and be sure to check out last week’s Fashion Friday if you missed it too 🙂

Friday, 11th September, 2015

Fashion Friday Edit: Men’s Style Tips No.4


Another Friday rolls around and that means one thing on Michael 84, another Fashion Friday round up. If you’re looking for some men’s style tips, and are wondering what brands and clothing shops have got in store from brand new products to season must haves, I have got you covered! Here’s this week’s top picks. Remember you can always look at last week’s style edit here.

Jack & Jones Leather Jacket – £165 here

Alan Rust Hoodie – £50 here

M&S Autograph Scarf – £20 here

Solid Shirt – £40 here

Boss Green T-Shirt In Red – £45 here

Cheap Monday Jeans – £55 here

GANT Knit – £120 here

Hugo Boss Socks – 2 Pack – £16 – here

First up is a leather jacket from Jack & Jones, available at Nelly. I have had my eye on this for a while. It’s a genuine leather jacket which is always what you should go for, authentic is the way to go, and buying faux-leather should be left alone, especially at this price of only £165! I love the colour, dark purple. The staple colours of leather jackets are black, brown and lighter shades of brown such as camel, but this purple one is contemporary and quite toned down. Because it’s not black and not too light, it’s going to work with a lot of different colour options, and is going to set you apart from the crowd.

A short sleeve hoodie? I am not quite sure what to make of these, in fact I was not a fan at all. However this Alan Rust all white number has got me second thinking. With the cooler autumn months we need to wrap up a bit, and I do like this clean cut bright white sweat.

A scarf is a great addition to any outfit, and every man should own at least one, preferably a few for different occasions. This one is a Merino wool scarf from the Autograph collection at M&S, and is really good quality at a great price point.

Check shirts will never die, they just wont. The great thing about these is that there’s a pretty much unlimited amount of styles and colour combinations out there. This one from Solid caught my eye, I really like the pattern. The blue, red and white really do work well, and it’s something which will be able to be layered well, and comes complete with a button down collar.

Another item which is good for layering is this T-Shirt from BOSS Green. It’s still warm enough to wear a tee, and you can choose this one to brighten up a dark jacket or cardigan. The red is really rich, and will make any outfit pop.

A trend which looks set to carry over into at least the first half of Autumn is the ripped jeans trend. Cheap Monday have a pair of black skinny fits which fit the trend well, with rips on the knees.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year because of knits, and this cable knit from GANT really defines why I love the season. It just looks really warm, and it is. This is off white, a perfect bright colour which can be layered with a shirt or worn with a jacket to create a cool Autumnal look.

You can never really have enough socks, and if yours are looking a bit tired or dated then this 2-pack from Hugo Boss would be a good choice. There’s various colours available, I have personally selected blue, I think they’re a more fashionable colour these days than the classic black, and you probably have lots of pairs of black socks.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks Fashion Friday. For more, remember to check out all my men’s fashion tips for the latest advice in men’s style and clothing. As always, you can send your tips to me on Twitter at @Michael84Blog 😉 If you want more inspiration feel free to read last week’s Fashion Friday here.

Wednesday, 17th July, 2013

My Purchases From The Sale



I blogged about the sale a couple of weeks ago, I bought some things, and they arrived 🙂

Above is my Cheap Monday Tobias jacket. I have blogged about that before, and I loved it so much when I saw it in the sale I had to get it. If you read my blog, you will see that I love denim jackets as a fashion trend for the summer; I got an All Saints one last year, and this year I have bought a couple more; A white one from H&M and a rusty red one from !Solid. I have really embraced this trend, they are nice casual jackets you can wear when it’s a bit cooler in the summer, in the spring or in the autumn when it’s not too cold.


J.Lindeberg Is really good quality, and when I saw this t-shirt for under £20 I had to get it. It’s a great colour, fit and feel, a premium basic tee for a nice price 😉


To keep this look high street I had to get some jeans, and got none other than Cheap Monday once again 😀 They have a really nice fit and feel, and for under £25 you will have to do some sort of amazing job to find something better.

I did go for some premium jeans, I bought some Nudie Jeans, another favourite, probably my current favourite premium denim. Unfortunately when they came I did not like the wash, the colour looked a lot darker on the site, so I have sent them back.

Friday, 5th July, 2013

The Summer Sale: Parts 1 And 2


All this week Michael84 has brought you the best in the summer sales for men’s fashion, and with today being Friday I have left you with one of the best sales I have come across so far. The sale over at is not only huge but has so many great things in I have had to split it up into 4 parts!

Part 1 (above) is the Michael84:Edit on jeans and chinos.

  • Cheap Monday Rusty Jeans – £20
  • Nudie Jeans – £145
  • !Solid Rusty Red Jeans – £32
  • Nudie Jeans – £75
  • Cheap Monday Jeans – £21
  • Nudie Jeans – £90


If you are looking for tees for the summer, then here is the Michael84:Edit for fashionable t-shirts for the summer.

  • Junk De Luxe Summer Striped T-Shirt – £22
  • Alan Rust Long Sleeve Horizontal Striped T-shirt – £16
  • J.Lindeberg O-Neck Tee – £17.50
  • Kuyichi Printed Top – £27
  • Nudie Jeans Basic V-Neck – £15
  • Rock Paper Scissors “Not Another House DJ” T-Shirt – £16

Parts 3 and 4 will be coming later so stay locked on Michael84 🙂 Check out the sale here.

Sunday, 30th June, 2013

ASOS Summer ’13 Sale – Shorts: Michael 84 Edit


Summer is here, which means a couple of things, first off it’s supposed to be hot, and second, there are lots of sales on at the moment in the world of fashion. If you are looking for some clothing to keep you cool this summer, now is the time to shop around.

It may not be boiling hot in the UK yet but it is warm and muggy, and it’s time to wear shorts, if not out definately while chilling. If you are going on your holidays to somewhere you’d wear shorts on a daily basis, I have selected a few pair from the ASOS sale, as you can see above.

I think that denim or chino style shorts are a much more grown up, fashionable style to wear, more so than swim shorts or casual sports shorts. I think a few pairs of “good” shorts are worth investing in, even if you are not a big fan of wearing shorts.

  • French Connection Stone colour shorts – £50 £22
  • Humor Red shorts – £50 £30
  • Cheap Monday – £49 £29
  • !Solid Blue Shorts – £50 £29
  • Minimum Green Shorts – £50 £35
  • Esprit Dip Dye Shorts – £45 £31

 Check out these and all the other shorts in the ASOS sale here.

Saturday, 18th May, 2013

Pop Art T-Shirt By Criminal Damage & Cheap Monday Jeans



So a few weeks back I saw a pop art t-shirt by Criminal Damage, I thought it was really nice so I bought it. I actually bought another one from an independent European label, but I am waiting for that to arrive. Anyway, This one has an all over print on both sides of the shirt and sleeves too, and I really like it. I have always been fascinated with pop art and that type of artistic movement, not that I am very arty :p

What do you think of the tee? Some may think it’s a bit too much but I really love it, and I can always tone it down with a jacket, or further with a cardigan.

I got some jeans too, these skinny jeans by Cheap Monday, A brand I have liked for years now. There jeans are really nice at a good price, and I like the fit, as well as the colours they do. These are a grey pair, I don’t have many, if any of this kind, and I have been into getting different coloured denim to add some dimension to what I wear.



Wednesday, 9th January, 2013

A Couple Of Tees From The ASOS January Sale

Featuring: ,

I got a few t-shirts from the ASOS sale to freshen up my wardrobe with a couple of new tees. I have so many t-shirts, but since I wear them a lot I like to rotate and change the ones I wear instead of wearing the same ones over and over.

I got a few different brands, including Cheap Monday, Ringspun, ASOS and Se7en.


RIO Print t-shirt by Ringspun


Cheap Monday “Monday On The Cheap” white basic tee


The Breakfast Club printed t-shirt by ASOS


Friday I’m In Love by Se7en


Wednesday, 9th January, 2013

Coloured Denim Ready For Spring/Summer 2013


For this spring and summer I decided to take the plunge and go for something a bit different, I am finally going to go into the trend that is coloured denim.

I had bought a few pair of coloured chinos before, but I did not really like them, the look and the bright colour did not seem to be for me. So, for the Spring and Summer this year, I have decided to go all out and buy various different colours of denim, for a more summer and contemporary look.

I love my regular blue denim, but when I look at my wardrobe it’s almost all the same indigo colour…Which I love, but I want something different.

The key with coloured denim or any trousers is matching it up with the correct colour top and/or jacket, this can make it seem more in tone and blend in, so green jeans will not look as outrageous as you may think if you tone it down with a simple white or black t-shirt and black belt.


I got a blue, brown and yellow pair of Cheap Monday, a green pair of DR Denim and a red pair of River Island.

Out of them all I think I actually like the brown colour the best. They look quite bright in the pictures, especially the blue and red, but they are quite toned down and pastel shades of colours; Not so bright that you need sunglasses to look at them :mrgreen: