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Adidas Originals Retro World Cup Shirts Re-Issue

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Tuesday, 1st May, 2018

The World Cup is right around the corner, and I am excited! The manufacturers have released all the current kits for the big event, and Adidas has used retro design in their kits, with the majority being inspired from the 90’s. I featured the 2018 Spain kits on the blog when they were released, and now as many predicted, they’ve re-released some reproductions in addition to the match shirts, under the Adidas Originals label.

It seems kind of odd that Adidas would release some vintage retakes of their original kits in exactly the same year as they’ve released brand new versions of football kits which are inspired from those originals, but there you go. There’s a few different teams which are featured, including a few nations which don’t actually exist any more, in West Germany and the USSR.

Let’s take a look in more detail.

Those featured above are the USSR, Belgium and of course my team, Spain.

The USSR Shirt should actually say the cyrillic CCCP and for some reason doesn’t, possibly for the same reason why Adidas is billing this is a Russia shirt, even though Russia didn’t play an international game until 1992 and this shirt is a replica of the 1991 shirt. It’s a super oversize style, with long sleeves and a V-neck design. It comes with a number 9 printed on the back.

The Belgium shirt is in the middle, and features more of a polo neck style V-collar, with a more fitted look. This one comes from Euro 1984, and features a number 16 printed on the back. The matching shorts are in the photo, but don’t seem to be available.

Lastly in the main image is the Spain shirt, and this is from the World Cup in 1994 which was in the USA. Spain were knocked out by Italy 2-1, but this shirt brings back good memories. The number 15 is printed on the back and was worn by Caminero, which is odd because that’s exactly who I have printed on my original Euro 96 Spain shirt. The matching shorts are available too.

Above is the West Germany shirt, worn by them in the 1990 World Cup which they won. It was the last time we’d see West Germany before it united and just became Germany. This top is iconic with Italia 90, that front design always brings back the memories. It features a number 10 on the back, The brilliant Lothar Matthäus, captain of West Germany.

In the middle is the yellow shirt of Colombia, worn in the 1990 World Cup. Printed with a number 10 on the back, it was one of their most famous footballers in it’s history, Carlos Valderrama.

Last up is the Argentina shirt which is the only long sleeve shirt, and is taken from 1987. It seems kind of odd picking this year, as it wasn’t a World Cup year, and in 86 they won it. Nevertheless the shirt features their light blue and white stripes, with the number 10 on the back of the legend Maradona.

These shirts are available to buy right now. All jersey’s are priced at £69.95 if you’re looking for some official nostalgia.

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