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Film Night: Walk Of Shame

Sunday, 15th September, 2019

I was looking around for some films to watch on Amazon, and I spotted this film, Walk Of Shame. The title of course hooked me in, but other than that, I didn’t really know anything else about the film, so I decided to give it a watch.

It is fair to say, the film is not what I expected to watch. From the title and the character, as well as the way the film starts, I was expecting it to be some kind of stereotypical rom com kind of film, with some laughs, and the overall story being the girl trying to get the guy. But the film is not like that at all.

The film centres around Meghan Miles (played by Elizabeth Banks), who is a TV reporter for KZLA6, a local TV channel. She’s hoping for a promotion as a TV anchor, but gets overlooked for someone else. Her friends convince her that it’s a diversity thing, as the girl who gets the job has an Asian last name. They decide to go out clubbing to forget about it, and Meghan borrows a sexy yellow dress from one of her friends and they go out.

She ends up going home with someone she met, then when she’s at his place she finds a voicemail calling her phone that she’s got the job after all, she just has to make it back to work in the morning for an interview. However when she tries to find her car outside the guy’s building, she realises that it’s been towed away, with her bag and all her belongings in there.

Not really knowing where she is, she tries to find the tow-place to get her car back along with her belongings so she can make it to work in the morning. However with no money or phone, it’s a struggle.

From there she gets into all kinds of situations, trying to find her car. Since she’s still wearing the sexy yellow dress and it’s in the early hours, everyone assumes she’s a prostitute, from getting into a taxi who doesn’t understand her as he’s foreign and takes her to a strip club, to being stopped by police, getting on a bus and trying to not pay, as well as meeting a drug dealer who she sort of befriends and hides out with his friends in their crack den.

Running out of time she eventually makes it to the tow-place, only to find the staff being really unhelpful, and when she finally gets to her car, realises that the window has been smashed and her bag has been stolen. Lucky for her, the guy she was with tracks her down with her friends, and she makes it into work, only to find the news she’s reporting on is in fact her own escapades she’s had in the last few hours.

So the film itself is a pretty decent watch, I quite enjoyed it. It was not how I thought it would have been, with the plot being over one night/day, but in the end she kind of ends up with the guy she’s met, which is kind of what was expected. It’s a pretty light and easy watch, so I could watch this again.

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