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Valentines Day 2015 – Gift Ideas: For Him

Thursday, 5th February, 2015

Valentines Day is almost here! Even though I am single I am excited for it, this year I have been designing T-Shirts for work for Valentines Day for about 4 weeks now, so I am really in the spirit of things. If you read my blog for the past few years, you’ll also know that I call 14th February “Michael Day” and have champagne and lots of other great stuff which I’ll be blogging about on the day

So, what do you buy a guy? Here is my advice and a couple of suggestions which I think are nice, cool or just real Valentines Day cheese 😉

Vintage Moet Champagne – It’s a must have on my list, and actually I have some this year, and I’ve had this so many times now. I call it the best reasonably priced champagne; It is around £45 which is around £15 more expensive than standard Moet, but it is far better in my opinion. You can get this from quite a few places, priced at £40-45. Shop at Tesco. Best thing about this? You can share it! 😉

Love Heart Stamps – Completely cheesy and novelty. They are simply love heart billy stampers. The tube splits into 3 and you get Smile, Call Me and Love You stamps. I got one a few years back and it still works! Around £5 from Amazon and various other places

Happy Socks Gift Box – Swedish brand Happy Socks have put together a little special Valentines Day box for men which includes they cool heart printed briefs and socks. They come in a nice presentation box, and cost £25 direct from happy socks.

Calvin Klein T-Shirt – I love the 90’s so I imagine your Valentine does too! 😀 I got my CK 90’s Reissue T-Shirt the other week and I love it. It’s quite expensive at £45 for a tee, but it’s a really cool tee, and looks as good now as it did back then. ASOS have it.

HMDX Jam Speaker – It’s a cheap Bluetooth speaker, but don’t let that put you off. I’ve seen these in action and for the money they are really good! Since they’re Bluetooth they’ll work with almost any tablet or phone (most will have Bluetooth!). The battery will last 4 hours which isn’t too bad, and it costs less than £20. Get it at Amazon.

Charbonnel et Walker Truffles – They are a must have item for me on Valentines. They are expensive, £4-5 and you get 3 truffles, but this is the one day you can indulge in something. There’ll even be a spare one to fight over 😉 Get champagne truffles at John Lewis.

Issey Miyake Nuit – I can’t write a guide like this without talking about scents. If you want a comprehensive list you can check out all my fragrance reviews. For Valentines night I have chosen a sensual masculine scent which I’ve tried but don’t own yet, it’s Issey Miyake Nuit. You can get a 75ml bottle for only £40 at Boots.

More Expensive Items

B&O H6 Headphones – If you’re looking for something premium then some B&O headphones should be on your list. They are one of the best pair of headphones money can buy. Usually costing £330, but you can get a limited edition blue pair (which have the same quality) for around £180 at Amazon.

LG Pocket Photo 2 – We all have devices which stores millions of pictures, but printing them has been back in fashion for a while. Partly because of the popularity of Polaroid style cameras becoming cool again. There’s a few mini printers available, I think the LG Pocket Photo 2 is the best from what I have read, but it can be hard to get in the UK. There’s a retailer on Amazon selling one for around £90. Another option would be the Instax Share SP-1 for £130 at Amazon and is more widely available.

I hope those few tips help you for Valentines Day, and if you’re a guy then I hope you get at least one thing on this list 😉

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