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Tiger Hornsby Coming To The Quayside This Month

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Wednesday, 6th August, 2014

Tiger Hornsby Coming Soon To The Quayside

I remember being a 17 year old on a student night out, and trying to go to Julies 2 nightclub; When the bouncer asked for ID which I clearly did not have, he told me it was a 21+ and we went on to another place, probably Sea across the road. We went down the quayside a lot, back in 2002 it was the cool place to drink. Not that I’d have first hand experience of, but Julies nightclub was quite the place to be, as was most of the quayside, frequented by footballers like Keith Gillespie. Years later it became know as Blue, and since I was a lot older (around 21-22) I used to go. I loved the place, the layout was good, cool people, lots of drinks, friendly, great music and an all round good time. There were many great nights spent here, but then the place closed. It became Stein Beer Keller, which was a completely different kind of bar, I went once, it was not terrible but I only went the once so not great either.

Now it’s coming back, with a new name which in inspired by an old regular of the infamous Julies. Tiger Hornsby will be opening this month, with the promise of bringing back the good times with cocktails, new décor and first class service.

The quayside is having somewhat of a rejuvenation, with a brand new hotel replacing Chase, The Hop and Cleaver opening, the new Popolo is coming soon and now Tiger Hornsby.

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