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Say Moshi Moshi With Midori – Mixing Cocktails

Wednesday, 16th November, 2016


When Midori told me about their Moshi Moshi campaign I was pretty excited! Combining alcoholic cocktails with a Japanese theme sounds pretty sweet to me! For a few years now I have wanted to go to Japan, in particular Tokyo, but there’s a couple of issues; Other than the cost, it’s so far, and I’ve never been on a plane for more than 5 or 6 hours, and a flight to Tokyo…Around 12 hours!

Maybe I will (eventually) get there, but until then, I had some fun with the Moshi Moshi Midori campaign, and making some funky and fresh cocktails, I have to say the taste is so good! Midori has always intrigued me, I know a few people who drink it, with them usually mixing it with lemonade or Coke, but this drink is something you’ll want to definitely try yourself, it is that good.

Moshi Moshi Cocktail

50ml Midori (2 shots)

50ml Watermelon Water (2 shots)

Top with Yuzu And Cucumber

Simple to make! Pour a 50ml measure of Midori into a glass, 50ml measure of watermelon water, and then top with Yuzu and Cucumber.

Check out my little video of creating this simple cocktail below…





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