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Guy Fawkes Night

Sunday, 6th November, 2016


Hey guys,

I hope that you had a great bonfire night last night! When we were kids we always used to do something for bonfire night; It was always bigger than Halloween, and even though we went Halloween-ing when we were kids, bonfire night was a much bigger deal. We had drinks and food like soup, burgers, hotdogs and things like that, with a bonfire and plenty of fireworks of course. We’d either have fireworks at our place or go to families┬áhouses and set them off there, and sometimes neighbours had bonfires and we’d all go, it was the usual thing to do. Now it seems we’ve got a bit “Americanized” and Halloween is a bigger deal, as it has been there for a while, and they don’t have Guy Fawkes Night.

I did not really do anything, but saw some fireworks close by, and it was a chance to take a couple of photos, and give firework photography a try. I’ve never done it before, and had not planned on it, so I had to get my camera set up really quickly, and could not really experiment with settings since it was all over pretty quick. I did get a couple of interesting shots which look pretty cool, and I wrote my initial in a sparkler of course :mrgreen:


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