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Nike 90s Inspired Football 3rd Kits Inc. Barcelona Goalkeeper Shirt Are Epic

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Friday, 20th September, 2019

Nike are onto another winner with this year’s football kit designs!

It doesn’t matter if you love football or you don’t, if you love sports clothing, and in particular the streetwear movement, you should love these designs.

If you’ve seen the Barcelona 3rd goalkeeper shirt which is pictured above, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Recently Nike has launched the 3rd kits for selected teams right in time for the Champions League, which kicked off this week. The shirts are simply epic, and remind me of the crazy kits we used to see in the 90’s, which can only be a good thing.

There’s a few which have really caught my eye, and so I thought I’d share them.

First up I have to mention the king of all the shirts, it’s the Barcelona 3rd Goalkeeper shirt. What else can I say about this shirt, just look at it! I love everything about it, the design is brilliant, and the colours work so well together.

It’s truly a 90’s goalkeeper shirt. If you like football, like Barca or don’t like either but love the shirt, it’s definitely worth getting.

Interestingly Barcelona played in their new 3rd home shirt, however the goalkeeper, Ter Stegen, did not wear this shirt which goes with the 3rd kit which was interesting.

Three more shirts which caught my eye: RB Leipzig, Tottenham and PSG.

The RB Leipzig shirt looks incredible, the colours are just brilliant. This is their 3rd kit which will be worn by the players. I love the pattern, and dark blues and red go together really well, and it certainly does stand out.

The red and orange shirt from Tottenham is the 3rd goalkeeper shirt, with the green and purple top being that of the 3rd goalkeeper shirt for PSG.

Both of these shirts use the same template as the Barcelona shirt, with their respective branding changed. The colours on both the Tottenham and PSG shirts are of course striking, and I really like that.

But it’s not just the match shirts, they’ve also got some general football tops with some eye catching designs too.

The Barcelona football shirt comes in a light and dark blue colour, complete with the branding of Barca. It almost looks like a match shirt, but it’s just a normal shirt with football branding.

The design comes with geometric patterns on the shirt, in a solid and also spray paint kind of design.

The Chelsea shirt is of the same, this time round with the design being black and orange.

The shirt in the middle is from Atletico Madrid, and uses light and dark reds, with solid and spray pain effect geometric lines within the design.

The shirts all have something in common – They all carry that old retro Nike branding. For years Nike have simply used their trademark swoosh logo on shirts, but this time round for the 3rd kits it’s different.

They’ve gone with the swoosh with the Nike wording, which is an old kind of retro style. This was commonly seen in the early 90’s on sportswear and football shirts from teams such as Arsenal and Dortmund, but hasn’t really been seen since.

Sportswear, luxe sports clothing and street wear have all been gaining in popularity over the past several years, and football shirts are a big part of that culture. They’ve been popular among the mainstream before, probably as far back as the crazy days of the 90’s kits.

In recent years the popularity came back, with the Nigeria World Cup 2018 shirt selling over 500,000 units, and the beautiful limited edition AIK shirt I featured here a while back which was coveted.

What do you think of these shirts?

It’s a good time to be a football shirt fan.

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