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New Spain Badges And Logos For The Football Team & Spanish F.A.

Saturday, 27th March, 2021

New Spain Logos And Badges For 2021 Onwards

Spain has a new identity…At least the Spanish National Football Team and the Spanish F.A do at least. They have brand new badges which were released a few days ago.

Spain’s old designs of the Spanish Royal Coat Of Arms which have been on the football shirts for such a long time have had an upgrade. The RFEF, the Spanish FA, have also had a re-brand, with a new logo too.

This comes at an interesting time, as Spain released their new 2021 away shirt, which sports the old familiar badge. So the timing of a new badge is sort of weird, since all of the current Spain shirts, from the kits to the training clothing all carry the now old badge.

The Spanish FA also has a new design. If you don’t know, there’s almost always been 2 logos used in Spain to represent the nation. One is the Spanish FA (RFEF) while the other is the Spanish coat of arms, usually found on the official kits.

I have a had a presentation T Shirt in the past which carried the RFEF logo, but usually, especially lately, the Spain badge has been the royal coat of arms as the crest.

As for the new designs, what do you think of them? You can see the old on the left, with the new on the right.

You’ll immediately notice the simplicity of the design. This has been going on in the design space for a number of years. The more simplistic approach to designing logos can be seen in the fashion world and almost everywhere.

Luxury fashion brands that have had a re-launch of their logos have followed a similar suit over the years. They are plain and basic, no nonsense minimalist logos.

When it comes to the new RFEF logo, it’s simply a circle with the letters RFEF inside. This compares with the old logo which was a far more bold design, incorporating colours and a much more distinctive design.

The Spain badge has also undergone some treatment. The new design has a similar coat of arms, however this is a simplified version of that, all in one solid colour. This also incorporates the new RFEF logo within the badge.

These designs are a modern take on logos and idents of today. They are one colour which means that for branding purposes, they can change the colours and keep the identity the same.

This is an obvious advantage when it comes to football shirts and the like. But Spain have been using a one colour, tonal badge for some time, but with the old design.

Do I like it? I am unsure. As with everything new, the old designs often look better. I do like very simply logos (just look at my own lol!) as they are more versatile. But I am a fan of the original coat of arms in full colour. I do like the tonal one colour designs we’ve seen in recent years, but as a one-off, rather than something which is on everything.

What is confusing is the timing, since all of the Spain shirts and clothing is now effectively old before the Euros started. A better timing could have been for the next kits, in time for the World Cup.

But here we are, we are now in a new era for Spain. New badges and crests for both the Spanish National Team and the Spanish FA too.

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