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Adidas Launch Spain Away 2020-2021 Shirt For Euro 2020

Tuesday, 23rd March, 2021

Adidas have finally officially launched the away shirts for Euro 2020 and the teams which they create kits for, including the new Spain 2020 away shirt which will be worn this summer.

It feels weird calling it Euro 2020 and the 2020 away shirt since we’re well into 2021 and the Euros are this summer, but that’s how we stand.

It’s a kind of white colour, and here’s everything you need to know.

First up the main colour. It’s white, kind of. Spain have had white shirts plenty of times, but not like this one. Adidas are calling this white and light onyx, with the base colour looking white, but a grey kind of pattern laid over the top of it to create some strange effect.

I think I will need to look at this in person or on a big screen TV to see exactly what is going on with the design.

According to Adidas, they say:

Any Spain fan can picture the confetti-specked moment when the team lifted the trophy in South Africa. For the team’s away jersey, adidas captures that image in an abstract, hand-painted design.

I think this is kind of strange, as I don’t see it in the initial images, and the away shirt Spain wore in 2010 was dark blue.

The trademark three stripes on the shoulders are short in length and are silver in colour. This gives off a tonal effect rather than something which is contrasting, which is often seen with red stripes on white, or the red and yellow of the Spain flag.

The sleeves come with a tipped hem. This is coloured in the same colours as the Spain flag, red and yellow.

The Adidas badge and Spain crest on the front are both in red. The Spain badge is once again a single colour tonal style, as has been the way for several Spain shirts over the years.

My Thoughts

Overall I like the shirt, it looks quite interesting. I’d like a much closer look and see it in person before deciding how much I like this design. It’s certainly different, and it’s good that it’s not the same old design.

My favourite white Spain shirt has been the one from 2011, which was a solid white colour with red detailing. This is different in that it’s got a strange tonal pattern in the design, but as mentioned I think I need a better look to see if it’s a hit or not.

Spain play against Greece, Georgia and Kosovo over the next 8 days, so it’s likely we’ll get to see it on the pitch.

At the moment this is available exclusively at Adidas for £70. I anticipate it will be available in other places in the coming weeks.

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