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Nike Go Flyease – A First Look At The Hands-Free Trainers That Have Brilliant Innovation

Monday, 29th March, 2021

Most of the time I am blown away by trainers and their design, but Nike are taking it to a new level with these trainers: They’re called Nike Go FlyEase.

What’s so special about them? They’re hands free!

How do you put your trainers on?

If you’re like me, you don’t undo the laces, sit down and put them on your feet and then lace them up. You leave them laced up, and then press your feet into them, often stamping down on the back of the trainers, and then using your hand to get them on properly.

This can of course damage the back of your trainers, and it’s the lazy way of doing things. But I think everyone does that.

But what if there was a trainer which you could put on in this way, without damaging them? A hands free trainer that you could just slip into?

That’s what the Nike Go FlyEase is all about. I think it’s brilliant.

The trainers have what they call a tension band (an elastic band) wrapped around them, with the sole having a cut out section which acts like a hinge. The trainers can be ‘snapped shut’ and stay upright, and when you press your foot into them they fold closed around your foot.

This is simple, but genius!

To get them off you can press your trainer into the back of the other which will lift them up so you can take them off as easy as you put them on, all without using your hands.

I think a video does a better explanation, so here’s the official Behind The Design video from Nike.

How cool are they?!

The trainers are not just for lazy people, they do have a functional purpose. If you are disabled or an adaptive athlete with struggles of putting on trainers, this can go a long way.

But it’s not just design for that purpose, this is a universal shoe for everyone.

Having function is great, but you still need to have a pair of trainers that people will actually want to wear. The design is important. Thankfully, I think they’ve got it right.

I really love the design of the trainers. I can see myself or others wearing these for sport or activity. I could wear these running or just on a walk, or anything else.

At the moment they have this design in a few colours, and I think it’s really cool for a sports and active style of shoe.

You can learn more about these at Nike here.

Would you buy these? Let me know your thoughts. Check out more of the latest trainers from Nike on the blog.

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