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NE1 Newcastle Car Show 2017

Sunday, 9th July, 2017

Redbull F1 Car At NE1 Motor Show 2017

This weekend it was the NE1 Motor Show which I went to, and as usual it was really good!

The weather did help a lot, it’s been a warm weekend with plenty of sun, so it was good to get out and go and look at some cars. The event is in it’s third year, and I’ve been to the previous two, both have been good. It goes from top to bottom of Grey Street, and has grown out into other streets to, with cars on show in Grainger Street and adjacent streets too.

This time round there were a few new additions. There was an F1 Simulator which came from Mercedes Benz F1, it looked really good, and there was not only one F1 car on show but two! From Red Bull and Renault.

It was also the first time there was a live show, it was the Paul Swift Stunts doing a few stunts in Hood Street which was cool to see on the streets! As always, there were plenty of sports and Super cars there, from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce, TVR, Nissan and more, and the classic cars including Jaguar and more!

Check out all of the pics below…

Renault F1 Car - NE1 Car Show

Aston Martin DB11

Paul Swift Stunts At NE1 Motor Show

TVRs at the car show

State Trooper Police Car

Lamborghini in silver

NE1 CAr Show 2017 cars

Ferrari F50 In Newcastle

Aston Martin And Porsche

Mercedes F1 Simulator At NE1 Motor Show In Newcastle

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