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Tuesday, 24th January, 2017

My Men's Cuff In Silver Made From Brass

I have never been the biggest fan of jewellery on guys, and I’ve never really owned very much in terms of jewellery either. I did used to wear a gold chain back in the day, but that was always hidden away underneath clothing, and I’ve never been a fan of rings or earrings either. However something which I have been interested in getting for a long time is a cuff, which I think look quite stylish, but only the right one.

I think men get a pretty raw deal in the jewellery department; Maybe that’s because most guys are like me and don’t really buy or want to own jewellery, so not much is made or sold. Then when you find some, it’s all really horrible. It’s patterns of this and that, things like tribal patterns, links, ugly rope, beads…Nothing really classic, classy, simple and elegant. What I wanted was a plain and simple cuff; A cuff, bracelet or bangle actually, but after thinking about it, I opted for a cuff, I think they’re more fashionable and generally stylish for men. It was actually really difficult to find one, I narrowed it down to three different brands, two made from steel, and one of silver.

I got a Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver cuff and then decided it wasn’t for me. I was incredibly underwhelmed when it came, I know it’s supposed to be just a simple cuff and that’s exactly what it was, but it was £125 and just did not seem worth the money. Then there’s the fact I really think I will lose it which doesn’t fill me with confidence of spending too much money either. It was also too small for me, I did not like the fit, so decided for all these reasons I was better off sending it back.

I ended up having another look around, and eventually found something which I like, and here it is. Just a plain and simple cuff, however this one is made of brass and was far cheaper, in fact only £10!. I really like this, and to be honest, in terms of looks, there’s no difference, obviously the biggest difference is the material; Sterling Silver vs brass. The fit is better, it’s on the larger size, and I should try to resize it for a better fit so it’s more difficult to fall off.

If you are looking to get yourself a cuff or bangle and you’re like me and have not tried one, I would advise going and seeing them in person if you can, and trying one on, or you may be having to send it back or not liking it first time round.

What do you think of the cuff for guys? Let me know 🙂

My Silver Cuff Bracelet

Michael Adams

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