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Manchester City – All Or Nothing Documentary Review

Thursday, 30th August, 2018

What can I say about the Manchester City All Or Nothing Documentary which is on Amazon Prime? Incredible? Amazing? Brilliant? Yes, it’s all of them!

I’ve just finished watching all the episodes in All or Nothing, which is an Amazon Prime documentary which delves into Manchester City for the past year, showcasing everything about the club from the previous season. It is a brilliant watch, if you like football and even if you don’t support Man City, you’ll love watching this.

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a football club? This shows you everything, and has it all. You get to see Pep Guardiola doing what he does, coaching and managing the players, and a real inside look into that.

Then there’s the players, and you get to see them on and off the pitch, and what it’s like at training, travelling to games, the build ups and the games themselves.

It’s not all about the big stars though. There’s plenty of stories which are told through the backroom staff too; From the kit man to getting the laundry done, it’s all there.

There’s one thing something like this has to have, and that’s emotion. It has so much! You see players getting injured and what they have to go through, you get a real sense of their disappointment, how they must be feeling and what it’s like when they’re not playing while the others are. There’s also the winning feeling, after the big games when they’ve won and they’re all in the dressing room, it makes you feel like you want to be there.

When we see footballers for some people it’s easy to see them and their money and think that it’s all they care about, but the film shows so much more. They’re regular people too, with friends and family, and even though they live in a different planet when it comes to the job they do and the money they’re paid, they still live in our world, mixing with relatively normal people like the canteen staff, physios and doctors, and when they’re out in the wider community.

The documentary shows the club as a whole, not just the players on the pitch. It’s about everyone within the whole club, it’s infrastructure, the training ground and even the families, it’s a candid view on everything which goes that you usually wouldn’t see.

If you like football you should like this. Even if you’re not a Manchester City fan, you’ll probably end up watching a few of these and feeling an affinity with them. It’s almost like a Hollywood film, but we know it’s real life.

It’s a must watch for any football fan who wants to see the stuff you never see or even know about.

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