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Leeds United: Take Us Home Documentary Review

Sunday, 1st December, 2019


As you’ll know I am quite a fan of football and football documentaries and films, and this has been in my watch list for quite a while. Leeds United, Take Us Home is another football documentary, this one showcasing the 2018-19 season for Leeds.

I am somewhat of a veteran of football documentaries now (I should make a best of list), loving the Man City All Or Nothing doc, Inside Borussia Dortmund and Six Dreams to name only three. This one is of a similar structure, following Leeds through the 2018-19 season.

If you know nothing about football, Leeds are a Championship club, but have a good history and tradition of being a big club. However in the last 20 years so so they’ve had their troubles. Being relegated from the Premier League, going down to league 1, and they’ve never fully recovered yet. They’ve had a few owners in that time, plenty of managerial changes and of course player changes too.

The 2018-19 season was going to be the one which turned it all around. New head coach Marcelo Bielsa was an absolute coup, bringing a world class manager to a Championship team. There were new players too, Patrick Bamford costing £10 million, and getting Kiko Casilla from Real Madrid to name only two. All of this came from new ambitious owner Andrea Radrizzani.

The documentary is split into 6 parts of around 45 minutes each. It showcases Leeds ups and downs through the season, where there’s a focus on the football games, behind the scenes staff and hierarchy along with the players and families.

It was a busy season for Leeds, with a lot of things happening both on and off the pitch. They were contenders for promotion, but there was more to the season than just what was played on the pitch. There was the infamous spygate, along with getting an inside picture of how close Daniel James (now of Man United) came to signing for Leeds.

We all know the outcome of the season, Leeds did not get promoted, and lost in the playoffs. But you get an inside look at things which you probably didn’t know about, and it’s a really good insight.

If you like football or any of the other documentaries, this is yet another you’ll enjoy watching. You can see it on Amazon Prime Video now.

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