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Jack And Coke From Jack Daniel’s

Wednesday, 29th April, 2015


When you think of American whisky one of the brand’s that instantly springs to mind is Jack Daniel’s, and why not, it’s the highest selling American whisky in the world. Specifically Tennessee whisky, it’s made up of 80% corn, 12% rye and 8% malt and has been distilled and bottled in Lynchburg, Tennessee since 1875.

One of the classic drinks which you can make is a Jack and Coke, or JD and Coke as many know it by. As you can imagine it’s a really simple drink to make, and starts with a good measure of No.7 Jack Daniel’s with some classic Coca Cola in a hi ball glass. Jack Daniel’s sent over some ingredients and their glass, which has a handy measure on if you need to use it. The official guide for measuring is 1 part Jack Daniel’s, 3 parts Coke, and you can add a slice of lime for garnish.

There’s plenty of other drinks you can make with Jack Daniel’s including a Jack Julep, Jack Daniel’s Manhattan and a Lynchburg Lemonade. Check out more recipes at JackDaniels.com here.




In collaboration with Jack Daniels

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