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Hello 2022!

Tuesday, 4th January, 2022

Wine Colour Merino Knit Jumper For Today's Look

Hello 2022!

It seems so weird to say that. 2021 went over in a flash, and so did 2020. It doesn’t feel like we’ve had years just pass us by, but that is what has happened.

It’s also the longest break I think I have taken on the blog, with my last post being on Christmas Eve.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year, and are looking forward to the year ahead.

For the blog it will be more of the same. There’s lots of content already planned, plenty of fashion and of course fragrances. I got a few over the Christmas, so they’ll be getting the full review treatment on the blog. That will kick off tomorrow with my first fragrance review of the year, and it’s a good one!

There’ll be plenty of other great men’s fashion and lifestyle content too. I have plenty of features in mind in regards to drinks (mostly beer), there’s lots in the tech space going on, and how can I forget watching TV and films.

Over the past 20 months or so we’ve all been watching a lot, and bingeing on box sets has become the norm for so many people, if it wasn’t already.

But at the heart will be style and fashion, and in the pic above it’s one of my new jumpers I got over Christmas.

It’s a V-Neck merino knit jumper. As you know with V neck jumpers you really do need to layer them, usually with a shirt to keep the look smart. I’ve done that with a white shirt.

I have to talk about the colour too. It’s a kind of burgundy wine colour, which I think is a really elegant red colour. It’s a nice change from the usual dark colours, and isn’t so bright as to make an outfit loud.

Later on in the week I should have some more menswear and clothing on the blog, with some more new additions to the wardrobe.

Here’s to 2022! 🙂

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