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Euphoria Season 2 Is Finally Here In 2022!

Tuesday, 11th January, 2022

That’s right, it’s back and will be better than ever. One of my favourite TV shows of recent times Euphoria is back for season 2.

It was delayed because of the lockdowns and everything else that went wrong in 2020-21, but season 2 has finally made it to TV.

Episode 1 has just aired on Sky Atlantic, and it was good!

Of course I won’t give any spoilers away just in case you haven’t seen it, but it’s as good as ever.

Just as in the first season where there’s a character in focus for some of the episode, the same style continued in the first episode of season 2. This time round it was Fezco, and we find out how his life turned out the way it has.

It follows on from the previous season and the specials too, being set on a New Years party.

There’s going to be a few new characters, which were in the opening episode. It looks as though most if not all of the old cast are back, All the girls Nate and McKay were in the first episode.

If you’ve missed out you can binge watch this boxset on SKY or wherever you get your box sets before the next episode airs, which will be next week.

In the U.S. Euphoria is on Sundays, with Sky Atlantic showing Euphoria at 2AM on Monday. If you’re like me and can’t wait up that late, you can watch it on Tuesday nights at 10PM.

If you want a taster, the official trailer is below.

Zendaya posted an update on her official social channels to state that the show is aimed at mature audiences, which makes you think it could be even darker than the previous series.

This will be my Tuesday night for the next several weeks, and I’m looking forward to it.

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