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Hottest Day Of The Year! I Got Myself A Handheld Mist Fan

Thursday, 25th July, 2019

Handheld Fan With Mist Pray Review

Happy Hot & Sticky Thursday guys!

How hot has this week been in the UK!? It’s been fairly warm through the days, and on a night…We all hate the hot and sticky nights, right? 😀 I bought myself a handheld fan, but a one with a difference, it has a mist spray!

We all remember those handheld fans with the fans that spun around when we were kids (do they still sell those?!) The ones which took 2 AA batteries which would drain so quickly, and you ended up spending so much money on batteries, or just didn’t bother to use the fan. I also remember building up the courage to put my fingers in-between the plastic blades as a kid, thinking it would hurt…It never did.

This handheld fan is a new update on one of those, built for 2019 and beyond. These kind of small fans have a bit of a reputation for not being so great, so how does this one shape up?

Well I can tell you that it’s pretty good. First of all, there’s three speeds, slow medium and fast. I have to say the slow isn’t so great, the medium is fine, and the fast is a little better than that too. But the party piece has to be the mist spray.

This has 3 settings too. Off, on, and a short interval. You can spray the mist on it’s own, but it works best with the fan going too. It works by filling up the top which has a small water reservoir, and then you’re good to go.

The whole thing is controlled by the two buttons to the front, and it also comes with a handy little LED which lights up different colours so you know when it’s on, when the battery is running low, and when you have the mist active.

Speaking of the battery, it’s internal, and is recharged by plugging into your USB on your computer or via a USB adaptor. It also works while it’s being charged, so is great to use on the desk. On the medium setting I get a good few hours of use, and the mist spray lasts around an hour before it needs to be refilled.

It’s small enough to carry in your hand, and as the bottom is flat, you can stand it up on your desk while working, as I have done. Depending on the speed you run it at, it can get noisy, but it’s fan, so you can expect that.

Is it worth the money? Yes. Since I only paid £11.99 (from Amazon) I would say it’s worth it. It is a little bit of a novelty piece, but it does work, and the mist does cool down the fan, making it better than a usual fan which just circulates warm air.

If you’re hot at work and are wondering what to wear to the office, you should check out my How To Dress In Hot Weather post, which goes into what to wear when there’s a heatwave.

What are you doing to keep cool in the heat, especially at work?

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