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Geordie Shore Cast Revealed

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Wednesday, 27th April, 2011

Yes, they have finally been officially revealed, the cast of Geordie Shore. Who are they? Well they are:

Jay, 24
Holly, 18
James, 20
Sophie, 21
Vicky, 23
Charlotte-Letitia, 20
Greg, 26

A few weeks ago I posted probable pics of the girls, and it looks like they were true! You seen them first here! 😉

What do you think?

Do you want more? OK, Here you go!!

Name – Holly
Age – 18
Job – Santander loan advisor
Status – Has A Boyfriend!

Mini Bio
Holly is a girl who has one thing on her mind… and it isn’t her boyfriend Dan. In fact, whilst he thinks they’re Middlesbrough’s version of Posh and Becks, she makes sure the only pair under the spotlight are her FF fake boobs which Holly tricked her Mum into buying.

Name – Greg
Nickname – Snakers Lakers
Age – 26
Job – Heating engineer and plumber
Status – Single

Mini Bio
Gorgeous Geordie Greg is a real ladies man who has no problem attracting the opposite sex with his killer good looks. As he has more than his fair share of admirers, for Greg it’s about quality and not quantity so not all lasses make it into his phone book. Always up for a good time, Greg spends up to five night’s a week out on the Toon and isn’t afraid to splash the cash.

Name – Charlotte-Letitia
Age – 20
Job – Barmaid
Status – Single

Mini Bio
Size 8 stunner Charlotte ‘loopy’ Letitia, goes nowhere without her signature knee high socks, short skirts and bruises from her latest partying antics. It’s fair to call Charlotte an attention seeker who’s more than a bit ditzy, and she’s always ready to pounce on any decent lads that come her way.

Name – Gary
Nickname – Gaz
Age – 23
Job – Tiler
Status – Single

Mini Bio
Impulsive Geordie joker Gaz is a cheeky chappy who likes to keep the lasses happy. He lives for the moment and loves making the most of being young, free and single. Not one to take life too seriously, he tries to inject a dose of good-time Geordie juice into whatever he’s doing. He prides himself on knowing everyone in Newcastle – with one his best mates being ex Big Brother winner Anthony Hutton.

Name – Vicky
Nickname – Vicky VIP
Age – 23
Job – SKY Telesales
Status – Single

Mini Bio
Leggy Vicky VIP’s name is always on the list, but behind her killer strut is a sensitive girl who always looks out for her mates. Her aloof personality and perfect pout never fail to attract the lads, but lasses beware if you look at her the wrong way, as you’ll end up getting “swilled” (a drink poured over you!).

Name – Jay
Age – 24
Job – Unemployed
Status – Single

Mini Bio
Diva Jay is rarely pictured with his top on, but who can blame him with a body as buff as his? This deeply tanned stallion works his signature look of heavily waxed eyebrows and tight t-shirts, in an effort to get the lasses back to his bed. ‘Whoever’ & ‘whenever’ is Jay’s mantra in life.

Name – Sophie
Age – 21
Job – Call Centre
Status – Single

Mini Bio
Nutter Sophie is a real entertainer who loves to have a laugh wherever she goes. Despite her bright girlie wardrobe and bling accessories, she’s a tomboy at heart but has no problem dancing on tables or flashing her boobs- basically anything goes for this pint sized bundle of fun.

Name – James
Nickname – The Tank
Age – 20
Job – Transport Manager
Status – Single

Mini Bio
Self-confessed professional poser James likes to think of himself as Newcastle’s leading man and admits he can’t walk past a reflective surface without checking he looks ‘mint’. A real lad about town James sees himself as a trendsetter, yet under this stylish façade is a quiet and sensitive boy.

All images and bios are courtesy of MTV

There you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen, there is your Geordie Shore cast! 😀


Well I have to say I think the group shot looks really good, don’t you? I think Charlotte and Sophie actually look very sweet and cute, we will have to see how they all are personality-wise when the show airs on Tuesday 24th May 😀

I think the anticipation has been turned up a notch 😉 I cant wait to see it.

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  1. james TT Said,

    the girls **look** good, the boys look like twats!

    Are you sure their ages are right? James only 20? Greg only 26? They look older than The Situation LOL!!!

    posted on Thursday 28th April, 2011 at 15:08
  2. americangirl23 Said,

    as a america girl from jersey i am really excited to see this show…the girls look too cute and im excited to see what the party scene and the people are like in the uk!

    posted on Friday 29th April, 2011 at 23:15
  3. Michael Said,

    Yes we are all looking forward to see it 🙂

    If you are in America I doubt that this will be shown on MTV in the USA or any other country for that matter, and even if it is you may need subtitles 😛

    posted on Saturday 30th April, 2011 at 13:23
  4. americangirl23 Said,

    Well I can watch it online on uk mtv….but i will proably need those subtitles 🙂

    posted on Saturday 30th April, 2011 at 16:05
  5. Michael Said,

    I dont think you will, MTV “Geo block” content which I hate 🙁 It means that people in the UK cant see some content on mtv.com and vice-versa. Its the same with the other MTV’s around the world. Lots of other websites do this aswell (e.g. YouTube).

    There are ways around that tho, so if you are clever you will be able to watch 😉 If you know anyone in the UK that has a Slingbox you could watch too.

    I am going to write up a “Geordie dictionary” soon, which will teach you how to speak Geordie and let you know what words mean 😛


    posted on Saturday 30th April, 2011 at 16:16
  6. americangirl23 Said,

    tht sucks but i’m sure i will find my way around it…i always do 🙂 i will stay tuned for the geordie dictionary!

    posted on Saturday 30th April, 2011 at 16:23
  7. Sandy Said,

    I can’t wait for this show tbh! Not sure if it’s me being biased or not, but I think this will be pretty popular outside of the UK. We’ll probably slag them all off and make them stars ala Big Brother.

    posted on Tuesday 3rd May, 2011 at 19:30
  8. Michael Said,

    It wont be popular outside the UK because I doubt very much it will be seen, which is a shame. Localised shows arent seen much outside their countries, apart from the U.S. shows e.g. Jersey Shore, Pimp My Ride, Runs House etc. We dont get MTV España, or MTV Germany shows for example.

    I would LOVE the local Europe MTV’s to pick this up 😀 Let everyone see what I see every weekend 😉

    posted on Tuesday 3rd May, 2011 at 22:04
  9. pauly d Said,

    wtf man, you aint got shit on guidos. jay you put GTL to shame with that 0 pack. as for sophie you fat mess, i would rather shag snookie in 50 years time. vicky on the other hand……ahhhh yeeahhhhh!!

    posted on Wednesday 4th May, 2011 at 12:19
  10. Michael Said,

    thanks for that comment “pauly d”. I didnt know he was from Bridlington in York, that’s where you posted from. Hillarious!

    posted on Wednesday 4th May, 2011 at 13:17
  11. Elaine Said,

    Nice comment Pauly D only thing that gave away your location was the word “shag” tis DTF or smush!

    on the other hand the guys look like the biggest bunch of twats ive ever seen get some real muscles guys !!! will be interesting to top jersery shore but im looking forward to it anyway, Bring it on!!!

    PS i think we should make a scottish version?? now that would be interesting!! haha

    posted on Wednesday 4th May, 2011 at 15:17
  12. Emily Said,

    Geordie Shore is a total bullocks after seeing Jersey Shore, the guys are a bunch of rubbish with no personality, just watch 1 episode and couldn’t stand for it! this show need someone like Pauly D and Vinny! Just saying =)

    posted on Tuesday 9th October, 2012 at 19:17