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Gamesmaster Returns On E4 In 2021 – Watch Tonight at 10PM

Wednesday, 24th November, 2021

Gamesmaster is back! That means nothing if you didn’t live in the 90’s or like computer games, but if you did then you’ll know what a great time this is.

It had it’s hay day in the early to late 90’s, in the times of NES and SNES, Master System and Mega Drive, and later the Playstation, Saturn and N64 days.

This time round the new Gamesmaster (oracle, guru or whatever you’d like to call him) is Trevor McDonald, and I can’t wait to see it.

There were quite a few shows around computer and video games in the 90s, we were kind of spoiled. Shows like Bad Influence and Chips With Everything were around, I loved watching BITS on Channel 4 late night (with Aleks, Emily and “Bouff”).

But my all time favourite had to be Gamesworld on Sky 1 hosted by Bob Mills. That was a hell of a show, with beat the elite and the videators, you can still watch old shows of it on YouTube.

Gamesmaster was seen as the king to many, running for 6 years and loved by many on Channel 4. I remember the Gamesmaster providing tips and cheats in games for viewers who’d write in if they needed help on a particular game (this was in the days before the Internet).

It had reviews, gaming challenges for the coveted golden joystick award, and even celeb guests. Gaming shows were cool back in the day!

It’s back now, and I am excited to see what’s in store. It is available on YouTube to watch now, but I am going to watch it on the main screen, on E4 tonight at 10PM.

I read that there’s only 3 episodes, which is a shame, but hopefully if it’s successful it will return for more. Gaming is such a huge industry now there should be demand for bringing a show like Gamesmaster back.

It’s presented by Rab Florence, Frankie Ward, and Ty Logan, and as mentioned the legend that is Sir Trevor McDonald will be taking over Gamesmaster duties from Sir Patrick Moore.

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