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Gucci x XBOX Series X Collab Console

Tuesday, 16th November, 2021

XBOX have collaborated with Gucci to bring us all the console we didn’t ask for. But I have to say, I love this.

It’s the Gucci x XBOX Series X Console, and it looks great!

This collab celebrates both 20 years of XBOX and 100 years of Gucci. Here’s some of the details you need to know.

Limited to only 100 pieces, the Series X console has been given the full Gucci treatment. The box itself has a laser cut monogram to the front, a pattern which goes back to the ’30s.

It really does look like a luxury Gucci item, something you’d never imagine seeing in an official capacity, but here it is.

Luxury fashion brands are known for their luggage and bags, and the XBOX is given that too. The console comes in a specially designed Gucci carry case, once again with the monogram along with blue and red stripes.

The carry case really does look like a modern day luxury bag, and has the now infamous large text which is used on certain luxury goods these days. The wording on each side says XBOX and Good Game, a double G word of course.

Finally you need a controller, and they haven’t left the details out on that one either. It’s a standard wireless controller which has some Gucci design to it. The red and blue stripes are there, with the Gucci wording to the front of the controller.

You also get a year of XBOX Gamepass thrown in for good measure.

The price? It’s said to be £10,000. So it’s a console which only collectors and the rich will be buying, but it does look really good.

The Gucci x XBOX Series X goes on sale tomorrow, 17th November.

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