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Film Night: Paper Towns

Sunday, 13th January, 2019

My film night is back, and I decided to finally watch Paper Towns. I got this ages ago on blu ray, but since we had Christmas and there were a few things on TV I wanted to watch, I decided to finally sit down and give this a watch. Paper Towns is a coming of age film which stars Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff, and since I love coming of age films, I was looking forward to watching this.

It is about a shy guy called Quentin “Q” (Nat Wolff) who lives across the street from Margo (Cara Delevingne) who he is friends with from childhood and who he really likes. They discover a dead body, and Margo discovers the man killed himself after his divorce. The film then goes through to the teenage years, at the final year of high school, where Margo and Q have drifted apart since then.

Margo is the popular girl in school, and Q is the introvert, along with his two best friends, Ben and Radar. One night Margo goes to Quentin’s window and gets him to go out with her on a revenge mission in the middle of the night, as she’s discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her with one of her friends, and thinks another one, Lacey, knew about it and didn’t tell her.

The next day Margo does not go to school, and doesn’t the day after, or after that either. It is assumed she is missing, Q goes home to see the police along with Margo’s parents at his house, and is asked if he knows where she is. Her parents then tell the cop that they don’t want to file a missing persons report as she’s not missing, she just left.

Q then discovers a poster on the bedroom wall of Margo from looking over at his window, and he realises that Margo is leaving him clues to tell him where she is. He bribes her little sister with cash to check out her room to see if there’s any more clues.

Ben and Radar go to a house party, and then Q reluctantly shows up at the request of his friends. He goes to the bathroom where he see’s Lacey, who he talks to and gets to know. He realises that Lacey is not a superficial person, and they become friends. Ben has a crush on Lacey, and he tries to talk to her, but instead throws up. Q, Ben and Radar then go to the abandoned store they’ve been going to for clues about where Margo is.

Unknown to them Lacey was following them, and when they find out she’s there, they also find out where they think Lacey is, finding a clue from a map, a paper town. They all decide to go on a road trip from Orlando to Algoe, New York, the paper town where they think Margo is. They pick up Radar’s girlfriend and head off on the road.

When they get there they see that Margo is nowhere to be found, and so decide on going home. They all leave, apart from Q, who tells them to go and he’ll stay and catch a bus back, hoping to find Margo and tell him he loves her.

He then goes to a bus station to buy a ticket home, and as he’s waiting around, see’s a girl walking by, and it turns out to be Margo. She’s surprised to see him, which surprises Q, who thinks that she was leaving him clues so he could come and find her.

In fact she was leaving clues so he knew where she was, and that she didn’t feel the same way about him. He makes it back home, and back to prom where Ben took Lacey and Radar took his girlfriend, Angela.

The film then ends with the friends going their separate ways, Radar giving them both a black Santa present.

Overall I enjoyed watching the film, I thought it was good. It had some moments where I did laugh out loud, the T-shirt scene in the car was hilarious, and the overall plot made for a good film with likeable characters. It’s definitely a film I could watch again.

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