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Disney+ Review – Is It Worth It?

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Sunday, 18th October, 2020

When I signed up with my last phone contract, I got Disney+ FREE for 6 months. I’m coming to the end of my deal, so is it worth paying for?

Here’s what I think of Disney+

You’ll already know that Disney+ is a paid subscription streaming service. It’s packed with TV and films from Disney, as well as other studios with titles from The Simpsons, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic.

First of all I have to talk about the interface. It’s just like many others, and I do like it. All the content which is in your deal is there. With Originals, Movies and Series, there’s a lot of content to watch.

The navigation isn’t as great at something like Amazon Prime Video which I really like. This is slightly harder to navigate and to find content, in some cases having to search for whatever you want to watch.

There’s classic films from the Disney range, even things you might not have thought would be there. I saw an old school 90’s film, Blank Cheque which I loved as a kid. But I actually watched that a few months back on SKY, so didn’t need to re-watch it.

I even watched Doug’s first movie, that’s Disney’s Doug, after they got the rights from Nickelodeon.

The rest of the Disney classics are there too…From the Aristocats to Pinocchio and everything in between. If you love the old Disney cartoons, you’ll love this.

There’s also the more modern offerings, from Frozen to Toy Story.

Not only that, there’s original series too. I love a good box set or binge watching a series (check out the best TV series to binge watch). The only thing I have watched all the way through has been The World According To Jeff Goldblum. It was a brilliant series, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

If you like nature, there’s plenty in the way of National Geographic too.

Is It Worth Getting Disney+ In 2020?

If you love the huge back catalogue that Disney has to offer, then I think worth it. At only £5.99/month it’s a lot cheaper than the alternatives and has quite a lot of content to watch.

It’s not as comprehensive as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix, but it’s the only place to see all of the Disney content in one place.

If you love Disney stuff new and old, it’s worth the price. As mentioned you also get Marvel, Star Wars & more if you’re into that.

But for me, personally it’s not worth it. While I have had Disney+ I haven’t watched much at all. I’m not into much of the content, so it’s not for me.

While I could watch the odd thing every now and then, it’s not worth me paying £5.99 or £59.99/yr.

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