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The Best New Football Kits For The 2021-22 Season

Saturday, 31st July, 2021

The Best New Football Kits For 2021-22 Season

It’s that time of the year again, it’s time for new football kits!

The new football season is only a couple of weeks away, and I’ve seen some great new football shirts ready to go for the upcoming 2021-22 season.

It seems we have to wait later and later as the years go on. Some have been released for some time, while other teams have teased theirs out over the past few weeks. There’s also plenty of shirts that still haven’t been officially released, but leaked.

Here’s the best new football kits for 2021-22 that have officially been released from the clubs and kit suppliers.

Newcastle Away

Newcastle Away Shirt 2021-22

Team: Newcastle United Away Shirt

Kit Supplier: Castore

Main Colours: Black & Gold

Main Sponsor: FUN88

Cost: £65

Newcastle kick off their first partnership with Castore with this away shirt. A dark black shirt with a kind of abstract line design in dark grey. It’s interesting, and I do like the design.

It’s complimented with gold detailing in the sponsor name, crest and Castore branding.

Chelsea Away

Chelsea Away Shirt 2021-22

Team: Chelsea Away Shirt

Kit Supplier: Nike

Main Colours: Yellow & Black

Main Sponsor: 3

Cost: £69

The Chelsea away shirt for this year is yellow, a colour they’ve used a few times previously. This year’s design features thin horizontal stripes throughout the shirt.

I like this design, it gives off a clean look while not being boring. Accents on the shirt are all black.

Crystal Palace Third

Crystal Palace 3rd Shirt 2021-22

Team: Crystal Palace 3rd Shirt

Kit Supplier: Puma

Main Colours: Blue & White

Main Sponsor: W88

Cost: £55

This is the Crystal Palace 3rd shirt. While it isn’t anything spectacular to the neutral fan, it should be special to the Palace fans. The colours are based on an original shirt which they first wore, and this shirt colourway is to commemorate 160 years of existence.

Leeds United Home

Leeds Home Shirt 2021-22

Team: Leeds United Home Shirt

Kit Supplier: Adidas

Main Colour: White

Main Sponsor: SBOTOP

Cost: £60

As you’d expect from Leeds, they go all white for their home shirt as is tradition. But I really like how clean cut this shirt looks. White usually looks good, and this one does too. The only minus point is how big the sponsor looks to be on the sleeve.

Manchester City Away

Manchester City Away Shirt 2021-22

Team: Manchester City Away Shirt

Kit Supplier: Puma

Main Colour: White

Main Sponsor: Etihad Airways

Cost: £70

When it comes to clean looking kits, I think Man City away wins it. It just looks amazing. This is be helped by the trim colours of teal, which just really works well. The Puma badge, club crest and sponsor are printed in a marble effect colour which looks incredible.

Manchester City Goalkeeper

Manchester City Goalkeeper Shirt 2021-22

Team: Manchester City Goalkeeper Shirt

Kit Supplier: Puma

Main Colour: Black

Main Sponsor: Etihad Airways

Cost: £70

I absolutely love the design of the Man City goalkeeper shirt. If the home and away shirts are plain and clean, this is full of life. The different coloured geometric lines look really cool and work well together in the design.

Tottenham Away

Tottenham Away Shirt 2021-22

Team: Tottenham Away Shirt

Kit Supplier: Nike

Main Colours: Black & Blue

Main Sponsor: AIA 

Cost: £70

If you’re looking for a striking kit that makes an impact, Tottenham Away shirt for 2021-22 is the winner in the Premier League. There’s nothing that looks quite like this. It’s kind of a galaxy paint splatter design, and will be interesting to see in the Premier League this coming season.

Barcelona Away

Barcelona Away Shirt 2021-22

Team: Barcelona Away Shirt

Kit Supplier: Nike

Main Colour: Lilac

Main Sponsor: Rakuten

Cost: £70

First up in the La Liga kits is the Barcelona away shirt. It’s a lilac purple colour, and looks so good. It’s not a colour I’ve seen Barca play in, and is yet another minimalist design for football shirts this season.

Atletico Madrid Home

Atletico Madrid Home Shirt 2021-22

Team: Atletico Madrid Home Shirt

Kit Supplier: Nike

Main Colours: Red & White

Main Sponsor: Plus500

Cost: £70

Atletico’s home shirt keeps the tradition of the red and white stripes, but adds a twist. They’re presented in a paint, grunge style of design, which really stands out.

Inter Milan Home

Inter Milan Home Shirt 2021-22

Team: Inter Milan Home Shirt

Kit Supplier: Nike

Main Colour: Blue 

Main Sponsor:

Cost: £70

Inter Milan’s home shirt is a snake print inspired design. Light and dark blues cover the shirt, which looks incredible. The new Inter crest and Nike swoosh are in gold, and this home shirt looks brilliant.

Inter Milan Away

Inter Milan Away Shirt 2021-22

Team: Inter Milan Away Shirt

Kit Supplier: Nike

Main Colours: White & Blue

Main Sponsor:

Cost: £70

Nike have knocked it out the park once again for Inter Milan. Not only is the home shirt striking, the away one is cool too. It features the same snake theme, this time on a white shirt with a snake design throughout the shirt.

PSG Away

PSG Away Shirt 2021-22

Team: PSG Away Shirt

Kit Supplier: Nike

Main Colours: White & Black

Main Sponsor: Accor (ALL)

Cost: £70

The PSG Away shirt uses a similar same design as they’ve had for a while in their home shirt, but they’ve changed up the colours. It’s mainly a white shirt, with a thick pink and thin black stripe down the centre. The shirt looks pretty well done.

CSKA Moscow Home

CSKA Moscow Home 2021-22

Team: CSKA Moscow Home Shirt

Kit Supplier: Joma

Main Colours: Red & Blue

Main Sponsor:

Cost: £55

I am no stranger to the CSKA shirts, I own one from around 2010 when they had a deal with Reebok. The CSKA home shirt for 2021-22 looks so good. It’s made by Joma, and features the traditional red and blue, with the colours being presented in a ombre type of style.

I really love this design, they’ve combined the colours well.

Dynamo Kiev Home & Away

Dynamo Kiev Home And Away Shirt 2021-22

Team: Dynamo Kiev Home & Away

Kit Supplier: Nike

Main Colours: Blue & White

Main Sponsor:

Cost: £70

Dynamo Kiev’s shirts have been a bit of a talk of social media in recent days, you can see why. These are the new home and away shirts, and definitely stand out. The home is blue and white with the away being dark and light blue. I get some serious 90s vibes with these designs.

And those are the best looking football kits for the 2021-22 season. I can’t wait to see all of these live in game when the football season kicks off in a few weeks time.

Also check out the 2021-22 Puma 3rd kits that have caused quite a stir among football fans.

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