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The Best New Football Kits 2022-23 Season – Home & Away Shirts

Sunday, 24th July, 2022

The upcoming football season is almost here and there’s one thing that brings it closer, new football kits! These days almost all teams release a fresh kit each year, and for the 2022-23 season that’s no different.

I’ve picked out the best kits that are going to be on show in this season. There’s home and away shirts from the manufacturers such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, Castore, Umbro, Hummel and Mizuno is making a comeback into top flight football kits.

Here’s the new football shirt designs that have caught my eye.

Man City Away 2022-23


The Man City away shirt is said to take inspiration from the late 60’s and 70s kits which saw City win the FA Cup, League Cup and European Cup Winners Cup.

I am a fan of red and black stripes, and this diagonal striped design really looks the part.

Liverpool Away Shirt 2022-23


The Liverpool away shirt for 2022-23 is a dizzy looking design said to be inspired from the 90’s dance music scene. It’s one of the most crazy designs which I have seen, and I can’t wait to see how it looks on TV and in person.

Everton Away 2022-23


Everton have gone for an incredibly striking away shirt this season, with this pink colour. It’s supported with blue diamond style of patterns throughout the shirt, and is sure to look great on the TV screen.

Southampton Away 2022-23


The Southampton away shirt this season is a mix of blue and greeny-blue colours along with accents of yellow. It kind of reminds me of the sea or an ocean style of design, with crashing waves in the design. Hummel have done well with this one.

This shirt is one that really does catch the eye, and is one of the most stand out in the Premier League.

Bournemouth Home Shirt 2022-23


Bournemouth are back into the Premier League this season, and have a new shirt to go with their promotion. The home shirt retains the black and red, but the stripes are in a pattern.

The vertical stripes are jagged lightning bolt style stripes, which stand out and are something different to regular bold stripes. Interestingly the shirt is available in adults sizes with or without the sponsor, so if you love this design you can get the shirt sponsor-free.

Wolves Away 2022-23


Wolves away shirt for this season is a blue/green teal type of colour, which has a geometric style line pattern to the front. Close up this pattern looks cool, but I don’t think it will be noticeable on the TV screen. Still, it’s a nice design which incorporates colours different to the usual Wolves kit.

Man Utd Home Shirt 2022-23


The Man Utd home shirt isn’t too interesting, but one feature I do like is the collar. We rarely see shirts with full collars these days, but Adidas have incorporated them in a few shirts, including the Man Utd home shirt.

It makes me wonder, what players will wear the collar up a la Cantona?

Newcastle Alternative Shirt 2022-23


Is this is Newcastle away shirt or 3rd shirt? According to Castore they’re officially calling this the alternative shirt, with it being called the away shirt by some and 3rd shirt according to the Premier League website.

The all white shirt with green detailing has drawn criticism from media/non-Newcastle fans being the same colours as the Saudi shirt. Cutting away from the politics it’s a nice clean shirt with the colours working together well.

Barcelona Home Shirt 2022-23


The Barcelona home shirt for this season is a really nice blue and red as you’d expect to find in the home shirt. Possibly the biggest talking point is the new sponsor, Spotify, who signed a big deal with the Catalan club going forward from this season.

Barcelona Away Shirt 2022-23


The Barcelona away shirt for this season not only features the Spotify sponsor but also a new colour. This golden colour shirt brings back some memories of the early 2000’s, where players like Ronaldinho and Eto’o wore similar colours for Barca.

Real Madrid Away Shirt 2022-23


Real Madrid are another team going back to somewhat retro colours for their away shirt, with this light purple colour. It reminds me of the mid and late 90’s shirts, although Los Blancos have worn purple since too.

Athletic Bilbao Away 2022-23


For a crazy pattern in La Liga, Athletic Bilbao could take the crown with their away shirt. Predominantly dark grey, it features a geometric pattern design in black and red that really stands out. Once again this year’s kit was made by New Balance.

Dortmund Away 2022-23


Dortmund have had success with black kits, and this season they have another black kit which really turns heads. The mostly black design is met with an irregular dark grey checkboard pattern that gives the shirt some nice contrast.

Lazio Away 2022-23


This year old school sportswear company Mizuno are making the kits for Lazio, and their 2022-23 away shirt looks great. Plain black always looks good, but this is met with a colourful line pattern to the top of the shirt which really sets it off.

They have also changed the logo on the away shirt, using the top half of the eagle design inside a rounded-diamond shape which also sports the wording Lazio.

And there you have it, the best football shirts for 2022-23 season that really stand out. Which is your favourite kit, or have you seen a better one?

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