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Air Max 90 Love Letter For Valentines Day 2021

Thursday, 28th January, 2021

Nike have released too many beautiful Air Max designs over the years, and for Valentines Day they’re doing it again with this Valentines Day Air Max 90 Love Letter trainers.

Technically this is a women’s trainer (at least Nike are calling them that), and yes it’s got a lot of pink in it. But would you wear them?

I think I would.

UPDATE: Previously I wrote that these Love Letter Air Max 90 were only available in Japan, however this was an error. The confusion came as the story I read only had the Japan release date.

These will be in fact available in Europe and the UK.

The Air Max 90 Love Letter will be available at END (via a raffle) among other suppliers. They’ll cost £125.

Sadly I’ll probably never own this pair of Air Max 90, and most of us won’t. The pair of trainers are being released in Japan, so will probably not make their way over here in the West or more specifically the UK.

They are white, university red and what they’re calling tulip pink. I love the colour palette and the way the colours are done I think they’re perfectly unisex. Gone are the days when pink was just for women.

They feature a snap button graphic on the front of the tongue too. Playfully done, one reads Me+AM90 = True Love, while the other reads AM90 4EVER. I love these small little details that just add something cool to the trainers.

The outsole is university red, and the insides are contrasting red and pink in the left and right shoe.

But if you’re a guy, would you wear these trainers?

I’m pretty sure I would. The colour is done in a modern and not overly loud way, and I think they really make a street style statement. The large use of white with red trim makes the trainers stand out and not be overly feminine.

They cost 17,050 Japanese YEN, which converts to around £120. UPDATE: They will cost £125 in the UK. Check out the latest Nike Trainers and releases this year.

They will be available worldwide on 6th February 2021. You can check these out at Nike Japan here.

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