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Air Max 1 Releases For Nike Air Max Day 2022

Monday, 14th March, 2022

Air Max Day 2022 is upon us, in fact it’s only 2 weeks away. In celebration of the Air Max 1 trainer being 35 years old, Nike will be marking the occasion with three Air Max 1 colourways.

Each Air Max 1 will be regionalised, meaning it will only officially be released in that region.

Here’s a closer look at the Air Max 1 Blueprint, Air Max 1 La Ville Lumiere and The Air Max 1 Premium “Wabisabi”.

Air Max 1 Blueprint

The Air Max 1 Blueprint will sport a fairly clean icy blue and white design, which I think looks really nice. I love the detailing, which includes a check pattern on the tongue as well as patterns on the swoosh.

These will only be available in North America.

Air Max 1 La Ville Lumiere

The Air Max 1 La Ville Lumiere translates to city of lights, and features a very toned down look. The trainers come in white and grey tones, with dark navy blue as an accent. The tongue features the dark navy, with the 3.26 numbering denoting 26th March.

The Air Max 1 La Ville Lumiere will be available in Europe.

Air Max 1 Premium “Wabisabi”

Last up and the most striking is the Air Max 1 Premium “Wabisabi”. Natural tones of brown, beige and cream are accompanied by navy and orange for the colourway of these trainers which just works.

A highlight of the design is the exposed and alternate colour of the stitching, which is very prominent in the design of this trainer.

The Air Max 1 Premium “Wabisabi” will be available in the Latin America and Asian markets.

Personally I prefer the Air Max 1 Blueprint out of all of the trainers. I really like the light icy blue colour with the white, and think the light colours go well together. The design detailing is also a nice touch, keeping things clean with a bit of distinction.

If you’re lucky enough to get a pair of these trainers, they’re released on Air Max Day 26th March 2022. No doubt these will be hard to get a hold of. Check out more of the latest air max releases for this month and see what you think of these trainers.

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