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The Take aka Bastille Day For Film Night

Sunday, 24th September, 2017

Hey guys!

I hope you’ve had a great weekend so far. Last time I watched Now You See Me 2, and this weekend I watched The Take, aka Bastille Day which stars Idris Elba.

So I was browsing around Amazon Video and I’ve seen this film pop up a couple of times, and wanted to watch an action film since I haven’t seen one in such a long time. I saw it was Idris Elba but had not heard of the film, “The Take”. Then I realised that this was originally called Bastille Day, and I had seen some previews of that and it looked like a good film, so I watched it. Something I don’t like about action films is that some can seem far fetched, or just predictable, but I guess that you have to just go with it, afterall it’s not real, it’s just a film! 😀

The film starts on the eve of Bastille Day, an American called Michael Mason who’s lost most of his purpose in life is living in Paris, and is a pick pocket. He sees an opportunity to steal a women’s handbag, and does, then goes through it. There’s nothing much in there apart from a phone and a teddy bear, so he takes the phone and tosses the bag. Unknown to him there’s a bomb inside the teddy, which was supposed to be placed in an office for the French Nationalist party, but the women changed her mind when she saw people in the building and was told it would be empty. After he’s thrown the bag it goes off, killing people, and so it appears he’s a terrorist and killed those people. He’s now a wanted man by the police and RAPID, French special forces. He’s captured by CIA agent Briar, who’s played by Idris Elba, who questions Mason and tells Briar what happened and that he’s not a terrorist, Briar has reservations and believes him as the story unfolds of corruption and dodgy dealings happen play out; The film goes from there.

I thought that this was a really good action film with a good plot and plenty of action which you obviously expect to see. If you’re looking for an action film then I can recommend giving this one a watch.

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