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The Grand Tour Presents Seamen (Season 4) Review

Sunday, 26th January, 2020

After a year or so, The Grand Tour is back with season 4, with the first episode being called The Grand Tour Presents Seamen.

The show premiere was actually on Amazon Prime on 13th December 2019, but as this was just before Christmas, I didn’t write about it.

However I of course did watch it, and this is what it’s all about.

As you can tell from the title alone, Hammond, May and Clarkson are back, but not in cars. They are in boats, and if you know boats which I don’t, they were Richard Hammond in a Scarab, James May in a Wooden Cruiser and PRB piloted by Clarkson.

The whole show centred on them in their boats, having to cross the Mekong Delta.

They started their journey in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and made their way to the finishing point in Vung Tau Vietnam.

It was very much the same entertaining show which we’ve come to expect, with plenty of laughs along the way.

The lack of cars which were replaced with the boats was not really an issue, and it was interesting to see something new. We’ve seen this before from the trio, with lorries and trucks, bikes, the use of planes in challenges and now boats.

The show has always been about the three personalities, along with a bit of a journey, and the environment which they are in. If you like the previous shows, then it’s more of the same.

Near to the end it looks fairly dangerous, with them having to tackle the open sea, rather than the calm rivers and canals which they cover in most of the show.

Overall it’s definitely worth a watch, and there’s plenty of time, with this being the only release of the new season so far.

At the end of the last season, they announced that there would be a new format, with only these one off specials being made. That was the direction the show was going in, but if we’re honest, most of the shows in recent times have been about the big specials. – Which is what we all love, right?

It’s odd that there would be the first instalment of the series, with no follow up. In fact there’s been no indication when the next show will be on, but since there has been specuation, The Grand Tour did respond on it’s Twitter:

So we know that the next special is going to be from Madagascar, and that’s about all. It also mentioned on the Amazon page that the boats was a “one time break from cars”, suggesting that the rest of season 4 will feature cars.

Whenever the next one is on, it’s sure to be good 🙂

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