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Spandau Ballet Film – Soul Boys of the Western World

Sunday, 23rd September, 2018

So for my latest film night I was running short on time and it was quite late, so couldn’t watch something with a long run time. I didn’t know what kind of film I was in the mood for, but I do love documentary-style films, and came across Soul Boys of the Western World, the Spandau Ballet film.

I am not a Spandau Ballet fan, their music and their time was well before mine, but I do know their songs, like everyone else in the world. They were big, huge in this country, and it all ended as it usually does with groups or bands.

I was interested in seeing and learning all about what happened to them, how they started, and the general music scene back in the day. I love music, pop music is always cool and Spandau Ballet were pop culture at the time, so it was such a great film to watch.

It’s how the group got started, with all the lads, Tony Hadley, John Keeble, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp and Steve Norman, with tons of archieve footage and behind the scenes stuff, and voiced by Robert Elms.

You learn all about the members individually, their backgrounds and everything about them, before, during and after the group. There’s a lot about the music scene in the 80’s in general, with other pop stars present, including the rivals, Duran Duran.

You see everything from the band, and how the split happened, with the Kemp brothers going off in acting roles, playing the Krays, and then Martin Kemp getting into Eastenders, which is actually how I knew him when I was growing up, and other members trying their own music career too.

It then goes to the even darker side, the suing over royalties, and goes from there to the reunion and come back of the group.

If you like the group and you wanted to know all about what went on in the 80’s, then there’s little doubt that you’ll like this, and if you’re a music fan or just a fan of documentary-films in this kind of style, it’s a very good watch and you’ll enjoy it.

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