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Men’s Pink Denim Jacket From H&M

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Wednesday, 8th August, 2018

Pink Denim Jacket From H&M - What do you think of this piece?

I’ve had my eye on this pink denim jacket for months now – It’s from H&M, but what do you think?

I really do like the style, Denim jackets are great for Summer, but I am unsure about this one.

For one thing, I already have a lot of denim jackets. I’ve got a rust orange, black and blue/grey jacket, all of which I like, but I don’t actually wear all too often. I’d love to add this one to the collection, but since we’ve had weather which has been really warm, there’s been no need to wear any jacket during the day.

Another point to consider is the colour. This is dusty pink, and while I love it in the picture, will it be something I will wear on a regular basis, or is it going to be a one-off, statement type of piece of clothing? It’s probably going to be the latter.

It reminds me of the white denim jacket which I had – I only wore this once or twice, and actually threw it away – I rarely actually throw clothes away, but I needed the space. I think that this could go the same way, or I could end up loving it.

It’s not just a great item for Summer but a good colour, which would be easy to pair up with things. Colours like certain blues, along with staples like white, black and grey would work well with the colour. There would be no need to complicate the outfit, the jacket would be the stand out piece, and wear it with some premium basics.

The jacket itself is nice, it’s 99% cotton denim with 1% elastine for stretch, chunky silver buttons which I love, a fold down collar and is a nice length too.

All in all a really nice piece of clothing, perfect for the Summer. It’s at H&M from their conscious line, and costs £34.99. you can see more of it here.

What are your thoughts on this jacket – Hit or miss?

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