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McDonalds Double Big Mac Review – That Is A Tasty Burger!

Tuesday, 15th February, 2022

McDonalds Double Big Mac Review

I don’t feature too much in the way of food on the blog, but since I had a treat yesterday I thought that I should share the experience.

I got myself a McDonalds order, the first in years. But not any order, I got a limited edition Double Big Mac.

Here’s how it tasted.

McDonalds Double Big Mac Out Of The Box

As if you needed any confirmation, the Double Big Mac tasted so good! You can see by my pictures there’s a lot missing, that would be because I have my burgers plain. So that’s no cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle or even sauce.

Just a straight up plain burger, and it went down well.

If you don’t know what you get, it’s pretty simple. There’s the base bun with 2 beef burgers (or 2x patty if you prefer that term), the middle bread bun part, 2 more burgers and a sesame seed bun.

That’s 4 pieces of beef in this massive burger.

Taking A Bit Of The McDonalds Double Big Mac

Is the Double Big Mac Filling?

Yes it is. As you can see I had a lot of food, too much food in fact. But it was Michael Day, so had to do something crazy like this. The burger and the fries was enough for a usual meal, but I had some chicken selects too which sent it over the top.

The Double Big Mac costs £4.39, so in terms of value it’s probably better getting 4 separate burgers for slightly less money. I always thought this was the case with the Big Mac, since you could always buy 2 burgers separately cheaper, so never really saw the point.

But I can always say I have had one of these meaty sandwiches. It’s only on sale until 15th March, so if you want to experience one, be quick.

I also wanted to try the Chicken Big Mac, but you’ll know that it’s already sold out even though it’s only been on sale a week or so.

This was such a treat for me. I hardly ever get a McDonalds anymore these days. I know it was over 2 years since I last had one, because it was well before the lockdown since I last ate one.

I wonder if I’ll go another 2 years? haha.

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